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Records - Notes

  • Added functionality allows CRM Users to add and save Notes to the current Parent Record even if they have another Record open in a concurrent tab.

Use Case: Previously, when Users had multiple tabs open, Notes added to a Record could sometimes save to a different Record open in another tab. Now, when a User adds Notes they will save to the corresponding Parent Record where they were added even if multiple tabs are open.


Golf Hits Integration

  • Increased functionality for Golf Hits Integration Users so not postable scores will be excluded from the nightly file sent to Golf Hits.

Use Case: Previously, all Score Postings were sent to Golf Hits including non-postable scores. Now, any rounds marked as not-postable will not be included in the nightly file sent to Golf Hits.

 Daily Notes - Mobile View

  • As a Member, I would like to view the Daily Notes that display above Dining Reservations & Court Reservations Sheet when viewing on Mobile view or Mobile App.  

Use Case: Previously, Daily Notes (i.e. Court Closures, Weather Delays, Special Event Announcements, etc.) were only able to be viewed on the Mobile Site and the Mobile App for Tee Times. Now, added functionality allows Daily Notes to be viewed for Dining Reservations and Court Reservations on the Mobile Site and the Mobile App as well.  

Please Note: Contact your Clubessential representative to enable this feature for Mobile. In addition, Daily Notes on Mobile View are not ideal for longer messages and cannot contain images (text only). Please keep in mind the limited space for Daily Notes when viewing on a Mobile Device.

Mobile App

Beacons - iOS Apps

  • Updated Gimbal software version for iOS apps in accordance with their most recent release in order to enhance Beacon reliability.

Use Case: Previously, Beacons were functioning on Gimbal SDK version 2.32. Now, updated Beacon software for iOS Users will increase functionality and accuracy of Beacons, with Gimbal SDK version 2.80.2. The upgrade for Android apps will follow shortly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Dining Reservations where a Member could move their reservation to a blocked Date or Time in certain instances. Now unavailable/blocked times will not show in the Time Picker if the User is trying to move the Reservation to a date that is blocked.

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