Office (4.27.20) Release


Mobile POS

  • POS Message support has been added to Mobile POS.

Use Case: Users can now configure custom messages to display for Employees, or when adding a Member to a table/ticket. Example use cases include:

  • Notify Server to contact Club Management when a delinquent Member is dining.

  • Send a reminder message to employees about a full staff meeting.

  • Conditionally remind Staff to charge 18% gratuity on covers 8 or greater.


  • Users can now sort Mobile POS grids by column. 

Use Case: Clicking on the column header for any given column on a Mobile POS grid will now sort in ascending/descending order, either numerically or alphabetically.

  • Group Like Item support has been added to Mobile POS.

Use Case: When the Group Like Items setting is enabled for a given Area, and multiple of the same item are added to a ticket before sending, Mobile POS will aggregate them into one line item and set the appropriate quantity, instead of listing each item individually. Shown below. 


  • MAP Scores have been added to Member Details in Mobile POS.

Use Case: Users can view a member’s MAP Score from Member Details by clicking on the cloud icon while viewing Member Details.



  • Mobile POS Charge Batch display updated. 

Use Case: Mobile POS Charge batches will now display the Mobile POS ticket number within the Reference column in both the G/L posting details and Ticket Details when previewing a Mobile POS SJ batch to make identifying the corresponding transactions easier.


  • Mobile POS Ticket number display has been updated. 

Use Case: Mobile POS ticket numbers are now configured to show in the reference column on Member’s statements. This makes it easier to match each line item up with the corresponding chit/receipt.


  • Enhancement to Vendor Invoice (AP) batch preview. 

Use Case: The Vendor Name column on Vendor Invoice (AP) batch previews has been updated to display the Vendor Name, rather than the Remit Name. 

  • New Interactive Report added for Inventory Aging. 

Use Case: An Inventory Aging report has been added to the Interactive Reports module within CMA, to provide more accurate tracking of inventory movement.


  • Enhanced functionality added to the General Ledger Overview module. \

Use Case: The GL Overview module has been updated to exclude deleted accounts without activity.  


Mobile Ordering

  • Countdown support has been added to Mobile Ordering.

Use Case: When a Member places a Mobile Order for an Item that is configured to track countdown in Mobile POS, the system will automatically reduce the countdown number when the order is placed. If a member attempts to order an Item with no remaining quantity, they will be unable to do so.

  • Gratuity functionality has been added to Mobile Ordering. 

Use Case: Members can now add gratuity when checking out in Mobile Ordering. This can expedite the pickup process, and minimize contact upon pickup/delivery.

Gratuity option can be turned on via checkbox here:


  • Item edit functionality has been added to Mobile Ordering. 

Use Case: Members can now Edit items directly from their Mobile Ordering cart, rather than removing the item and starting over.

Other Features

  • Mobile POS has been updated so that when a terminal override date is set, the Settle Ticket/Receipt will display the override date.

  • Mobile POS has been updated so that when a terminal override date is set, the Ticket Audit Report will use the current date for the actions performed on a ticket, rather than the override date.

  • Descriptions for PayCloud Payment Reversals/Refunds facilitated through CE Payments will now show “Payment Reversal” on member statements, rather than “Payment”. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the suggested gratuity amounts on the Member Facing Payment option in Mobile POS were calculating off of the total, rather than the subtotal.

  • Fixed an issue where a Members could potentially have two tickets created for the same Tee Time in Mobile POS.

  • Fixed an issue where some tax-exempt Mobile POS transactions were not appearing on the Exempt Sales Report.

  • Fixed an issue where Item Combos marked for “Auto Increment Seat” were not always beginning with Seat 1 on the Prep Tickets in Classic POS.

  • Fixed a bug where Price Schedules would not apply to tickets created from Axis Calendar Events in Classic POS.

  • Fixed an issue where non-admin employees could not change the Employee assigned to certain charges while uploading .CSV’s into the Member Charge Wizard.

  • Fixed a bug with the Gross Margin Report, where adjusting the Area filter would prevent the report from returning information.

  • Fixed a validation issue with Custom Fields on Rental Items, that prevented saving a new Rental Item when a Custom Field was marked as Required.

  • Fixed a bug in Mobile POS that would prevent a user from returning fractional quantities of Items.

  • Fixed a usability issue related to iOS 13.4, which would cause single taps to be interpreted as double taps/clicks on an iPad.

  • Fixed a bug where a discount could be applied twice when voiding/re-paying partial payments linked to Vendor Invoices with Discount Terms.

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