Office (5.18.20) Release


Mobile POS

  • Tee Times Kiosk Check In 

Use Case:  Members can now check in for their Tee Times in the Mobile POS member facing Check In Kiosk. This can expedite the check in process, and allow for reduced contact when a member is checking in for their Tee Time.


Note: Please contact support for assistance in setting up this functionality.

  • Kiosk Screen Group in Mobile POS

Use Case:  Users can now designate a Screen Group to populate in Mobile POS when using the member facing Kiosk mode for Tee Time Check In’s. This enables members to add additional items to their check in ticket.

  • Date Display on Mobile Ordering Grid

Use Case: When viewing orders within the Mobile Ordering tab in Mobile POS, the system will now display a date before the pickup time, if the order has been placed for a future date.



  • Additional Filtering Added to Closed Tickets Grid

Use Case: When logged into an F&B Area and viewing the Closed Tickets grid in Mobile POS, the system will only show closed F&B tickets based on the Area(s) the logged in user has rights to view, instead of showing all closed tickets.

When logged into a Retail Area and viewing the Closed Tickets grid in Mobile POS, the system will only show closed Retail tickets for the Area that the user is currently signed into.

  • Warning Message for Outdated Devices

Use Case: A warning message has been added to Mobile POS that will display when a user is trying to access the software with an unsupported operating system, so that they know it’s time to update their device.

  • Company Toggle Support

Use Case: Company Toggle support has been added to Mobile POS. Clients that have more than one company configured in CMA, and have Areas enabled for “Show Company Toggle on Member Lookup in POS”, will now see a checkbox option for “All Companies” in the upper right-hand corner of the Member Lookup screen in Mobile POS. Selecting the option will allow the user to toggle the list of displayed members between current company, and all companies.

Mobile Ordering

  • Future Orders

Use Case: Users can now place future orders in Mobile Ordering! When a club has defined a Mobile Ordering Menu as a “Future Order Menu” in CMA, users will have the ability to select a future date when placing their order within the app. This can be used for things like catering, events, and grocery pickup.

 Admin Notifications

Use Case: Clubs can now define an Admin Notification email within the Mobile Ordering Area setup in CMA. If configured, the system will automatically send an email to the address on file each time a new Mobile Order is placed.



  • Open Tickets Report

Use Case: An Open Tickets Report is now available from within the Reporting Dashboard > Point Of Sale. This report will display any POS ticket, whether Mobile POS or Classic POS, that is currently in an open state.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where selecting “no tip” in Mobile Ordering would add a -$1 gratuity to the order

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect chits/receipts could show in PayCloud

  • Fixed an issue where the Installment Billing report could show incorrect first/next bill dates

  • Fixed an issue where the Balance Sheet Drill Down report could display accounts in the wrong order

  • Fixed an issue where Member Type Rules could change when saving settings

  • Fixed a bug where users could select a non-AR account as the credit ledger for a Member Payment

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