Office (6.8.20) Release


Mobile POS

  • Read-Only Tee Sheet Capability for F&B Mobile POS Devices

Use Case:  F&B Areas can now be configured to show a read-only version of the Tee Sheet. This provides a quick look at upcoming Tee Times, and gives F&B staff a way to see which members may be wrapping up their rounds.



Note: This functionality is controlled by the “Show Tee Time as Read-Only in POS” Setting within Areas > POS Options.

  • Kiosk Screen Group in Mobile POS

Use Case:  Users can now designate a Screen Group to populate in Mobile POS when using the member facing Kiosk mode for Area Check In’s. This enables members to add additional items to their check in ticket.

Note: Configuration for this functionality is set at the POS > Terminals level. Please contact support for assistance in configuring this setup.

  • CE Payments Credit Card Settlement for Kiosk Check In

Use Case: Along with the ability to add items to a Kiosk Check In, Clubs can now give their Members the option to pay by Credit Card using CE Payments, when finalizing a check in.

Note: Configuration for this functionality is set at the POS > Terminals level. Please contact support for assistance in configuring this setup.



  • Return to Mobile Ordering Tab after Editing Mobile Ordering Tickets

Use Case: Previously, after either settling a Mobile Ordering ticket in Mobile POS, or editing the ticket, the user would be returned back to the “Open Tickets” tab, rather than Mobile Ordering. The system will now return the user back to the Mobile Ordering tab, so that they can quickly open and edit other Mobile Orders.

  • Tee Times Send From Email Address

Use Case:  Users can now define a specific "send from" email address for Mobile POS Tee Time Check In confirmations. Previously, the email would always come from the address defined within System Settings > General > Email Settings.

Mobile Ordering

  • Item Modifier Countdown Support

Use Case: When an Item has been added to a Modifier Group, and that item has been configured for countdown in Mobile POS, the system will automatically increment the Item’s countdown when ordered via Mobile Ordering.


  • MAP - Member Check In Metric

Use Case:  Clubs can optionally add the new Member Check In metric to the MAP score. The Member Check In metric provides clubs a powerful new perspective for tracking member engagement.


  • CE Payments Settlement Report - Filter by Funds in Transit Account

Use Case:  The CE Payments Settlement Report can now be filtered by Funds in Transit G/L account. This can be useful for multi-location clubs with multiple CE Payments tokens configured.

  • CE Payments CR Batches - Removed Edit Functionality

Use Case:  Limited user access to edit CE Payment CR Batches to prevent negative impacts the CE Payments Settlement Report and Funds in Transit account.

  • Member Payment Activity Report - Cash Receipt Filter

Use Case:  A Cash Receipt filter has been added to the Member Payment Activity Report. This enables users to quickly identify which members have submitted an online payment within the defined date range. Users can also utilize this report to populate a dynamic group, which can then be used to email members who have not yet submitted an online payment, inviting them to do so.

  • Member Charge Wizard - Override Ability 

Use Case:  When charging by Member Group in the Member Charge Wizard, users can now override the 'Do Not Allow Member Charge Privileges' Status setting, if desired. Club admins may want to override this setting for billing purposes, while still preventing those Members from Member Charging at the POS.

  • AP - Quick Check Improvement

Use Case:  Changes were made to the AP Quick Check tool in order to prevent a user from entering a date in an invalid format.

  • General Ledger - Accounts Grid

Use Case:  The "Restricted" column on the G/L Accounts grid has been updated to "Inactive", to accurately reflect the Account setting name.

  • Approve Charge Batches - Mobile POS Batch Rendering

Use Case:  Improved the speed of SJ batch preview rendering for Mobile POS batches in CMA. After double clicking on a Mobile POS charge batch to preview/post, the system will load the batch preview faster.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Mobile Ordering Issue where users could not place Future Orders on iOS devices

  • Removed the return to inventory prompt when returning an Item in Classic POS, to prevent the system from improperly returning Items to inventory (All selected items will now be returned to inventory)

  • Fixed an issue where Price Schedules were not applying properly to Tee Time tickets in Mobile POS

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