New Clubessential Email Editor


The new Clubessential Email Editor allows for email design flexibility offered with the convenience of a drag and drop interface. Easily create stunning emails based on pre-designed templates, or create your own in a few easy steps. The new Clubessential Email Editor separates the concepts of the email body (settings applied to the entire message), structures (rows of the content in the message), and content (text, images, buttons, etc). These elements can be added, removed, or rearranged by simply dragging and dropping options from the content panel to the body of the email.

Required Permissions

  • Admin

  • Editor

Accessing the Tool 

To access the email creation tools, follow the steps below depending on your access role.

The Email interface screen will launch.

Add Recipients 

  1. Choose the recipients of the email, by clicking on the desired method to assign recipients. For example, to select Members, click on the Available Members name from the listing on the left.  Member(s) will be added to the Selected Members column on the right.  Click Update Members to add the selected Members to the Recipient list and return to the email.

    • Members: Select members individually to receive messages.

    • Staff: Select Staff/Employees individually to receive messages.

    • List Recipients: Not used

    • Static Groups: Send to specific Static (fixed Member) groups

      • All Members: all members active in the directory

      • All Staff: all staff active in the directory

    • Dynamic Groups: send to specific Dynamic (fluctuate based on defined criteria) groups.

    • Mailing Lists: Not used

    • Events: Attendees from a specific event  

Add Subject

  1. Next, add a subject to your message.  Target the subject so it is clear what the message entails.  Use your Club’s name so Members recognize the email.  Avoid caution words such as “money” that email services can flag as spam, and prevent delivery to your Members.

  2. To create an email using the new email editor, after adding recipients and a subject line, begin by clicking the Click to Edit - New button on the email compose screen.

Working With Templates

  1. When you first access the new Clubessential Email Editor, you will be taken to the Template Manager. This allows you to quickly start an email from a template. 

  2. We’ve also provided a number of themed templates for newsletters, events, and more. You can change the logos and colors on these messages to match your brand to quickly and easily compose a great looking message.

  3. Once you’ve chosen a template, you can easily edit content, images, and hyperlinks within the template. 

Additional New Clubessential Email Editor Resources

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Best Practices

  1. Use default and recommended Send to External Email Address

    1. Note: Other options are tied to older versions of the software, and are not recommended