Office (7.6.20) Release


Mobile POS

  • Axis Calendar Event Integration 

Use Case:  Mobile POS can now be configured to show an Events tab. This module will pull in Calendar Events, billing information, and Member registrations from the Axis website. Similar to our Classic POS Event integration, registrations are easily turned into POS tickets, where the appropriate items for billing are automatically pulled in. Users can then edit and close out Event tickets within Mobile POS.

Note: This functionality requires a Clubessential Website. The Event integration has been improved for Mobile POS. Users can now create more than one ticket from a single Event registration, allowing Members to pay separately if desired.

  • Mobile POS Ticket Messages

Use Case:  Users can now add messages to Mobile POS tickets. Ticket templates can then be configured to display the messages (Kitchen Prep Tickets, Pay/Settle Chits). Messages can also be viewed by other servers/POS users by selecting “Change Message”.

Additionally, messages entered by Members at Mobile Ordering checkout, or when adding items to a Kiosk Check In ticket will flow into this same area.

Note: This option can be found on the item entry screen when editing a ticket under More > Change Message.

  • Kiosk Check In - Member Entered Messages

Use Case:  Members can now add a message to a Kiosk Check In ticket. These messages can be displayed on chits/prep tickets via a new "Message" ticket template element


  • Improved Member Search Functionality

Use Case:  Previously, users could only search for Member names in the Member grids within Mobile POS by either first name or last name. Now, users can type a “last name, first name” for a more specific member search criteria.

  • Tee Times - Member Charge All Option

Use Case:  Our popular Member Charge All Classic POS functionality is now available for Tee Times in Mobile POS. Simply select the Member silhouette icon shown below to quickly Member Charge all unpaid tee times for the selected course/day.

  • Tee Times - Usability Improvements

Use Case:  Previously, after Member Charging a Tee Times ticket, or navigating away from/back into the Tee Times tab in Mobile POS, the system would always return the user to the default/first course, instead of the course they were just viewing. The system will now always return the user to the most recently viewed course. 

Mobile Ordering

  • Designate Specific Menu Visibility and Pickup Availability times

Use Case:  Users can now define specific/separate menu visibility and pickup schedules for each Mobile Ordering Menu. This allows Members to browse your menu, place same day pickup orders, and place Future Orders outside of your location’s operating/pickup time slots! Want your menu visible all day, every day? Simply check the box next to each day of the week.

The new Schedule tab shown below can be edited in CMA from Areas > Mobile Ordering Area > Mobile Ordering > Edit Menu. The first set of start and end times define menu visibility, and the second set define your pickup availability.


  • Filter Mobile Ordering Menu Access by Member Type

Use Case:  Users can now exclude specific Member Types from being able to view/access specific Mobile Ordering Menus. This is particularly useful for multi-club operations, where only certain member types have access to specific clubs/locations.

  • Member-Entered Message Option on Checkout

Use Case:  A setting is now configurable which gives members the option to add a general message to a Mobile Order on the checkout screen. This can be used for members to enter a make/model/license plate of a vehicle on checkout, define a delivery address, or notate a specific request.

Ticket templates can then be configured to display the messages (Kitchen Prep Tickets, Pay/Settle Chits). Message can also be viewed directly in POS when editing a ticket under More > Change Message.

  • Member-Entered “Cover Count” Option on Checkout

Use Case:  A setting is now configurable which gives members the option to enter how many individuals their order will serve. This can help provide better cover count tracking and allows your F&B staff to more accurately allocate the proper amount of cutlery, napkins, plates, etc.

  • Error Message for Invalid/Non-Mobile Numbers Entered for SMS Order Notifications

Use Case:  Previously, when an invalid/non-mobile number was specified for SMS order notifications, an error message was displayed, however it wasn’t exactly apparent to the member what the issue was. An error message will now be shown that clearly states the issue.


  • Banquets - Event Deposit Integration Improvements

Use Case:  We have added the ability to automatically record ReServe/Infor Banquets deposits to a liability account in CMA, and automatically apply the credit toward the Event Invoice on the corresponding Member’s AR once the Event is closed! Please contact support for assistance in configuring this option.

  • MAP Dashboard

Use Case:  A new dashboard is now configurable in CMA. If you use the Clubessential CRM product, your Reservation Dashboard can be configured to show directly within CMA, without the need to toggle between the two products. This dashboard allows you to view important reservation metrics which help ensure your club is operating within your State’s guidelines.

  • Ticket Templates - Message Control

Use Case:  A new Message ticket template element was added to the ticket template editor. This can be added to any ticket to display text from the new Mobile POS Message function.

  • Employee Type Configuration - Web Visibility Setting

Use Case:  A new “Web Roster Visible” setting has been added to the Employee type configuration screen. This way, you can sync Employees to your CE website without having to display them in the site directory.


  • Open Tickets Report

Use Case:  We have updated the Open Tickets Interactive Report to expand by default. This makes it easier for users to take a quick glance at open POS tickets within the club.






Bug Fixes

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where one Guest TBA Tee Time slot could be checked in multiple times 

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue in Mobile POS Member Facing Payments where removing a tip was not functioning properly

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where Credit Book was not properly applying to Modifiers with Upcharge 

  • Mobile POS - FIxed an issue where adding a Member Favorite and not refreshing in a Chrome browser could throw an error

  • Mobile POS - Made a change to account for an item quantity display issue when splitting tickets

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where Terminal Override Dates were not properly applied to all tickets in a Bulk Entry

  • CMA - Made a change so that Multi AR reversals for CE Payments cannot result in duplicate reversal Cash Receipts

  • CMA - Sped up the rendering of line items when expanding a charge batch in the Approve Charge Batches grid

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where international phone numbers would not pull back into CMA from Axis Websites

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where discounts were not always recorded properly when paying AP invoices



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