Website (11.4.19) Release

 Website - Release Notes


Website - New Email Editor 

  • Adjusted the default landing page view when an Autosave is in place. 

Use Case: Admins will now be taken to the content of an Autosave they were working on when reopening the New Email Editor. Previously, users were taken to the Template Manager when opening the New Email Editor, regardless of Autosave. 


  • Added Global Setting for Booking Tabs to Display. 

Use Case: Controls for what member-facing tabs appear in the Tee Times & Courts systems were added, to align with the capabilities of our Dining system. There is now a toggle in global settings that allows for the tabs to be hidden, shown below.

  • Added icon in additional color to account for different color schemes. 

Use Case: A white trash can icon, used to remove player(s) from a Tee Time, has been added for Tee Times to accommodate for darker color schemes. 

Bug Fixes

  • Autosave wipes message HTML/Preview - Autosave will no longer make any modifications to manually saved HTML.
  • Reserve as group setting in Reservations was not granting member privileges properly.
  • Entering Reserver in Public Tee Times Booking Center Reset Defaulted Fees.
  • CRM Merge Error - On certain CRM systems, merging records would result in an error message, even though the merge is happening successfully.

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