Office (7.27.20) Release


Mobile POS

  • Ticket Lookup Functionality

Use Case:  We’ve Created a Ticket Lookup functionality that will allow a user to search for past transactions by date range, Member/Guest Name, Server, Ticket Number and Last 4 digits of Credit Card. This tool is located in the flyout menu. This can be particularly useful when attempting to locate tickets in order to process returns.



  • Tee Time Search Functionality

Use Case:  Users can now easily view a Member or Guest's Tee Time by tapping on the magnifying glass and typing their name into the search field. This tool will search the selected course/day.

  • Tee Times Multi Select/Create Ticket

Use Case:  This new functionality gives users the ability to select multiple Members/Guests across multiple Tee Times and add them to a single POS ticket. This can be particularly useful when checking in large groups that are not all paying individually.

Mobile Ordering

  • Pickup Availability - Date/Time Usability Improvements

Use Case:  Future Ordering menus have been updated so that unavailable days immediately display an error message on checkout. Additionally, Same Day and Future Ordering menus have been updated so that only available time slots display for pickup in the dropdown on checkout



  • End of Day cutoff for CE Payments Cash Receipt Batches

Use Case:  We have created a System Setting that will allow clubs to use End of Day cutoff for CE Payments Cash Receipt batches. By default, payments made after 7pm EST would fall into the next day’s CR batch since they didn’t meet the processing cutoff. 

However, we recognize that some clubs may want to allow Members to make payments beyond 7pm EST, and have them apply their A/R account that same day, regardless of when the payment is going to settle.


  • Outstanding Banquets Deposits report

Use Case:  We have created a report to help assist Infor/Reserve clients in reconciling their Banquet Deposit Liability account. This report allows you to see which deposits you’ve received for Events that have not yet been closed in ReServe.

Note: Must be using automated Reserve deposit functionality to utilize this report.


  • Item Receipts

Use Case:  Added functionality to the Item Receipts module that will automatically allocate shipping costs when the amount is uneven. Previously, users would have to allocate the shipping costs manually for uneven amounts. 

  • Data Genie - Installment Billing

Use Case:  In order to make this view easier to read,  we’ve updated the Installment Billing Data Genie View to display month names in calendar order instead of alphabetical order




Bug Fixes

  • Mobile Ordering - Fixed an issue where users were sometimes unable to place a same day order for a future time slot 


  • CMA - Fixed an issue where Mobile POS Gift Card transactions/redemptions incorrectly displayed as "Recharged" on the Gift Card Transactions report


  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the General Ledger Transaction report was sometimes incorrectly filtering out Void Check transactions


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