Office - Mobile POS Kiosk Mode - Member Check-In

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  • Kiosk Mode is designed as a self-service/check-in option for Club Members.  In this guide, we will discuss how to utilize the Kiosk Mode to check in from a Member’s perspective.

Required Permissions

  • POS

Accessing the Tool

The Mobile POS Kiosk provides a simple approach to Members logging in.

Accessing Kiosk Mode 

To login, Members can easily swipe their card, or enter their Member number to quickly log in, and check in.

Perform the following to log in:

  1. Choose the Club designated kiosk device (Check In in this example).

    • Please Note: For initial Kiosk setup only.

  2. Touch the arrow to begin.

  3. Enter Staff Number and click Continue to log in.

  4. Switch to Kiosk Mode by selecting the fly-out Menu in the upper left hand corner

  5. Select the bottom option Check In Kiosk

  6. A message prompt will appear letting staff know that a Service Code will be required to exit Kiosk Mode. Click OK to continue.

Membership Card

  1. An additional check-in option exists within the Mobile App. Members who download the App have the option to use the Membership Card to check-in at the Club. The Membership Card can be found in the left-hand menu of the Mobile App, seen here.

  2. Once the Member selects Membership card from the menu, the following code will show and is able to be scanned at the Club's check-in location. 

    • Please Note: The Club must have a scanner at the POS station in order to be able to scan Membership Cards for check-in.

Checking In 

Once the member’s Kiosk Mode is enabled, the Check In button will populate.  Please follow the below instructions for member Check-In in.

  1. Select the Check In Button.

  2. The member will be asked to enter their member number.

  3. The member will then select who is checking in and specify the number of guests with them.

  4. If the club charges Guest Fees, the system will list the fees as an item on the ticket. A member can add any additional items associated with that specific kiosk. If the club is allowing the option to use Credit Cards, the club must provide the solution of a card reader.

  5. Once Pay is selected, there will be a prompt to enter a message. Select Yes or No to compose a message on the ticket.

  6. After the message prompt, the sale will be complete.

Best Practices


  • Q: What if I do not currently have a POS system or if I do have a POS system, the ability to integrate?

  • A: Please contact your Clubessential Account Manager for details on Initial Setup, Implementation, and Price.

  • Q: Can I require a PIN to be entered for Check-In in Mobile POS?

  • A: No. The Member PIN functionality only works for Classic POS and not Mobile POS.