Office (9.8.20) Release


Mobile POS

  • Gift Card Descriptions

Use Case: When viewing Gift Card Balances and Gift Card Settlement views you can now see a description column and search for the description as well.

  • Tee Times Fees With Item Combos

Use Case: Tee Time Reservations with Fee Defaults linked to Item Combos are now supported in Mobile POS. If revenue is needed to be split for things like greens fees or transportation fees with their fee defaults, this can now be done in Mobile POS.

  • Confirm Delete

Use Case: A confirmation prompt has been added to the Delete Ticket action on the Tee Sheet in Mobile POS. This will prevent accidental deletion of tickets when attempting to create a member charge.

  • Reciprocal Member Prompt on Tee Times

Use Case: A reciprocal member prompt will appear when there is a reciprocal member on a tee time and Member Charge is selected. This is a quick way to charge the tee time to the first member on the reservation



  • Rental Item Billing Schedules

Use Case: A Billing Schedule amount override has been added to the Rental Item configuration. Very useful when accommodating multiple Billing Schedules and Rental Types.

  • POS Indicator on Open Tickets Report

Use Case: Easily tell whether open tickets were created on Classic or Mobile POS.

  • Positive Pay Export

Use Case: When previewing a PJ batch, there is now an option to export the Positive Pay in a CSV stripped down format.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Override Ticket Date was not applying to tickets created from Reservations

  • Fixed an issue where cost plus Price Schedules were not properly applied to Mobile POS ticket Items with a quantity greater than one

  • Fixed an issue where the “Delete all budget data” option in CMA was deleting data for all Budget Types, instead of the selected Budget Type

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