Website (9.21.20) Release


  • Added New Font (“Monotype Corsiva”) to the new Email Editor

Use Case: Even more style options available to make sure emails look fantastic

  • Added support for the new email editor in Event Flyers

Use Case: It is now possible to use the new editor to make beautiful and responsive flyers for calendar events

  • Buttons on the Compose Email screen have been rearranged: the buttons for the new editor are now first and styled to match the rest of the site’s buttons. The old editor is now last and still has the old button styling.

Use Case: For Administrators who have not yet tried the new email editor, the new editor is now easier to access, and stylized to match every website.


Other Features/Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Foretees roster from generating properly for clients with Foretees integration

  • Fixed an issue with Event Notifications that resulted in Global Event Notifications being modified when Event Specific notifications were edited

  • Fixed an issue in the Dining Reservations system that resulted in a webpage errors for members attempting to book a time already being held by another member

  • Fixed an issue with lottery booking edits in the Tee Time system that resulted in an error when attempting to move the reservation to a different time

  • Fixed an issue with the formbase reCaptcha that allowed some spam submissions to go through

  • Fixed an issue in the Lottery Manager that prevented admin-created bookings with custom party sizes from being assigned a time

  • Fixed an issue that prevented CRM Campaign content from copying properly when a campaign is cloned/copied


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