Office (10.19.20) Release


Mobile POS

  • Guest Name on Receipt - When an item is configured to “Ask for Guest”, the guest name will automatically print on the Pay/Settle chit.


  • Member Charge All Confirmation - Changed the verbiage of the Member Chare All warning on the Tee Times tab so that it more accurately describes the button’s behavior.


  • Hide Member Charge All - Added the ability in System Tools to hide the “Member Charge All” button on the Tee Times and Events tabs.


  • Event Default - When a user navigates away from the Event tab in Mobile POS and later returns to the tab, the system will default to the most recently viewed Event.


  • Member Charge Restricted Message - Added a message to warn a user upon starting a ticket for a Member without Member Charge privileges.



  • Mobile Ticket Numbers in A/R Activity - Updated the Member A/R activity grid to also show Mobile POS ticket numbers


  • Deletes/Comps - Mobile POS Deleted by Employee - Updated the Deletes/Comps/Discounts/Voids report in CMA to also show the “Deleted by” Employee name for Mobile POS transactions


  • Item Sales Report - Sort Transaction Detail by Date - Updated the Item Sales Report to sort Transaction Detail by Date


  • New Columns in Rental Item Grid - Added "Is Overridden" and "Amount" to Rental Item Grid Column Chooser to indicate an override of the attached Billing Schedule


  • Improved CE Payments Device Activation Error Handling - Added logic that will warn a user if a card reader becomes partially activated while rebooting, and allow them to complete the activation


  • New Setting for Credit Book Expiration Wizard - Added a toggle setting to “Include Credit Books with No Expiration Date” so that users can easily expire/reduce the balance of credit books that were issued to never expire

  • MAP Scores to Factor Backdated Tickets - Update the MAP score logic to include transactions that were back dated in POS

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue with the reorder functionality that sometimes caused items to print twice on the Send Ticket

  • Mobile POS - Fixed and issue where a Gift Card that was deleted from Classic POS could still show as available in Mobile POS

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where deleted Areas still appeared for selection 

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where emails with a TLD longer than 3 characters would not pass validation

  • Classic POS - Fixed an issue where a voucher that was redeemed on a Tee Time Ticket would still show as redeemed if the ticket was later deleted

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where credit transactions always showed unsettled on the CE Payments settlement report

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where users could save Charge Settlement Types without a debit ledger

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the Bank Reconciliation report incorrectly filtered out accounts of type “Other Bank Account”

  • CMA - Fixed a rare issue where a deleted Classic POS ticket could populate in a deleted charge batch

  • CMA - Fixed an issue with the System Settings Automatic Reinstatement where using “Over 90” criteria wasn’t properly reinstating Members

  • CMA - Fixed multiple issues with the Daily Sales report not displaying Employee’s hours in the correct Meal Period

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