Website (11.02.20) Release


  • New Editor Column Management: Rows now allow you to add, remove, and dynamically set the width of columns

Use Case: You now have more controls over your emails than ever. After adding a row, you can adjust the size of each column individually and even add and remove columns as needed!

  • Page Security Logging: Changes to page security settings are now logged and can be accessed via the Page Security option on the website’s admin bar

Use Case: You can now view who updated security settings on individual pages.

  • Admin Page Indicator: Pages that are admin-only will now display an asterisk icon image automatically. Pages no longer need to have asterisks added to the title manually

Use Case: This update eliminates the need to add asterisks in page titles to signify that a page is hidden. If the page is set to be viewed by admins only, a red asterisk will appear within the navigation.

  • Updated Help links in the calendar and content editor to point to our updated education materials

Use Case: Help links throughout the site can be utilized and point you to the right information when you need it most.


Other Features/Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused images to display incorrectly when sending a test message of a new editor email

  • Fixed an issue that prevented a member from editing their dining event reservation if the event is moved

  • Fixed an issue that caused Public Tee Times results to return in Eastern Time if the client is in a different time zone

  • Fixed an issue with the court lessons integration that prevented the court reservation from being moved properly when the lesson was moved

  • Fixed an issue that prevented an event flyer from being copied when the event was cloned and the flyer had been created with the new email editor


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