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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Website Privileges

Site Administrator Privileges: 

  • Ability to view all Members in the Directory and My Profile; even those that are hidden 

  • Ability to view all Member Statements

  • Ability to access/edit any page that has not been locked by Clubessential

  • Ability to change Page Security and Page Properties

  • Ability to edit and send blast emails from the Website

  • Ability to create new accounts in the Directory and assign privileges (Admin, Editor, None)

  • Ability to gather information on any account in the directory (Username and/or PW)

  • Ability to create Dynamic, Static, or Opt-In groups

  •  Access to Mail Reporting

  • Access to Site Configuration from the Admin Bar

  • Active User listing under Admin

Site Editor Privileges: 

  • Has access to and can edit certain pages the Site Admin defines

  • Possible to send out Blast Emails

  • Access to an amended CE tab

  • Able to upload files through Document Upload

  • Able to see Event Manager/Calendar and add events

  • Can access the Profile updates Report under Admin

  • Can view Site Statistics under Admin

  • Limited Access to Directory information

  • Can view Roster Sync queue data under Admin 

    • Please Note: Only applicable for Clients with third-party Roster Sync setups.

  • Cannot edit Member Data or see Statements

    • Please Note: When editing or creating an event registration, an Editor is able to update the registration owners’ primary email address