Website Privileges

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Admins and Editors have different levels of access to their Clubessential Website. The following guide outlines the main differences in Website access between the two. 

Use Case(s)

A Membership Director or General Manager may need Admin access to the Website in order to view Member Statements or other private information to make changes on behalf of the Member, whereas a Golf Pro or other Staff Member would not need that level of access but still need to edit or access certain functions of the website; they would then need Editor access instead.

Required Permissions

  • Admin

Website Privileges

Site Administrator Privileges: 

  • Ability to view all Members in the Directory and My Profile; even those that are hidden 

  • Ability to view all Member Statements

  • Ability to access/edit any page that has not been locked by Clubessential

  • Ability to change Page Security and Page Properties

  • Ability to edit and send blast emails from the Website

  • Ability to create new accounts in the Directory and assign privileges (Admin, Editor, None)

  • Ability to gather information on any account in the directory (Username and/or PW)

  • Ability to create Dynamic, Static, or Opt-In groups

  •  Access to Mail Reporting

  • Access to Site Configuration from the Admin Bar

  • Active User listing under Admin

Site Editor Privileges: 

  • Has access to and can edit certain pages the Site Admin defines

  • Possible to send out Blast Emails

  • Access to an amended CE tab

  • Able to upload files through Document Upload

  • Able to see Event Manager/Calendar and add events

  • Can access the Profile updates Report under Admin

  • Can view Site Statistics under Admin

  • Limited Access to Directory information

  • Can view Roster Sync queue data under Admin 

    • Please Note: Only applicable for Clients with third-party Roster Sync setups.

  • Cannot edit Member Data or see Statements

    • Please Note: When editing or creating an event registration, an Editor is able to update the registration owners’ primary email address

Best Practices