Articles turn your Clubessential website into an interactive portal that allows for new content to be created by Club Admins and Editors. Articles are also dynamic in that Articles can be scheduled to post and have the ability to be archived. Distribution is also dynamic, by assigning categories to Articles, so they’re distributed throughout the website appropriately.

Required Permissions

  • Admin

  • Editor

Accessing the Tool

  1. Hover over Admin bar in the left hand corner of the screen

  2. Click Articles.

Article Interface

  • Current Articles: shows all published Articles.

  • Archived Articles: shows all Articles that are now Archived.

  • Unpublished Articles: shows Articles that are still being edited and not yet published, or archived.

  • Filtering: similar to calendar filtering, allowing the users to choose which Category of Articles to view.

Adding Articles

Click the Add Article button. This will bring up the Add Article Interface.

  • Title: this will display on the Article Listing when is the Quick View Display.

  • Author: this will display in the Listing View under the Current Articles tab.

  • Post Date: allows for creation prior to posting. Set a date and time to post.

  • Expiration: moves the article to Archived at the set date.

  • Text Summary: allows for a short description of the Article. This usually shows on the Quick View Display.

  • Days to Show: choose which days the Article should show on. This could be all days, or select days.

  • Interest Areas: choose a Category for the Article to be assigned to. This is how Articles are distributed throughout the website. Note: you must assign an Interest Area to save and continue.

  • Settings for Plugin Display: for advanced use. Designs the layout of the Articles. Set-up by Clubessential.

  • Image Source: if the Article display is using a thumbnail image, add an image here. This will launch the Image Explorer, so an image can be chosen. Double Click on the image to add it to the Image Source. Once the image is added, you will see the thumbnail in the Image Source section.

  • Image Link URL: add event, document, page, or hyperlink.

  • Full Article Link: this is the ‘read more’ text that will display on the on the Article Quick View Display. This can be set to a desired text. Example: Read More, Click Here, Continue, etc.

  • Date Style: set-up by Clubessential, but used for the Article Quick View display.

Save to continue to add content to the Article.

  • Two buttons will now appear beneath the Add Article Interface. Open the "Click to Edit" to access the Legacy Editor or select "Click to Edit - New" to begin adding content with the new editor.

  • Once the Editor is open, open content, imagery, and hyperlinks to create content. Save in the Editor when finished.

Save again in the Articles Interface.

Best Practices

  1. Try to post weekly Articles so content is fresh and new. Since Articles can be written ahead of their actual post-date, this allows for Articles to be written in advance.

  2. If you haven’t written an Article in awhile, do not draw attention to this fact in your next post. This will remind users that you have not written, which is unnecessary.

  3. Articles are a great resources for news and blog items. Keep the content concise and interesting. Enhance the content by adding imagery and hyperlinks.

  4. Use Interest Areas appropriately so the right  content is getting to the right crowd. If you need additional Interest Areas set-up, Clubessential can assist by adding these at any time.

  5. Change the Author to the Club Name so  the posts are all coming from one source. If the post is from the President, however, be sure to change the Author to the President’s name. Whoever's account you’re signed into will automatically pull the name into the Author box until changed.

  6. You can remove Articles from the Archive tab if needed and publish again. To do this, simply navigate to the Archive tab and click Edit under the Article name. From here, you can update the post and expiration date as needed.

  7. Members are unable to see the Unpublished Tab. This tab is only  for Admins and Editors.


  1. Do you offer a blog?

    A: You may use Articles as a blog quite easily. Articles allows for features similar to blogs such as: scheduling posts, archiving posts, and categories. Article Plugin stylings can vary, so we can accommodate for a certain look as desired that can be determined with the help of Clubessential.