The Survey Manager allows you to create and distribute surveys to your membership.

Required Permissions

  • Admin

Access Survey Manager

Hover over the Admin Bar, click Surveys under Communication.

Please Note: The layout of where the Survey Manager is located may be slightly different based on club, but functionality is the same.

Create New Survey

  1. Under the tab Survey Listing and Reports, select Click here to add new survey and enter a Name for the survey and Description. This will launch the Edit Survey screen.

  2. Here you can add the following details: Name, Description, Start Date, End Date, and Make Anonymous.

  3. Click Save Survey.

  4. Click Edit Introduction to launch the editor and add additional information on the survey. In the editor, you may add text and imagery.

  5. Save once complete.

  6. Click Edit Confirmation to configure a confirmation message that will appear once a member has filled out and submitted the survey.

Add Questions

  1. Select the type of question to add to the survey. The are 3 question types available: Multiple Choice, True/False, or Text.

    • Multiple Choice

      • Click Add Multiple Choice

      • Enter up to 5 answers.

      • Optional: Check the box to Allow user to select more than one answer.

      • Click Save.

      • If more answers are needed, click Add More Answers. 

    •  True/False

      • Click Add True/False

      • Enter the question text.

      • Click Save.

    •  Text

      • Click Add Text

      • Enter the question text.

      • Click Save.

  2. Once all questions have been added, there are options to reorder, remove, or delete.

  3. Click Save Survey once all changes are complete.

Preview Survey

Preview the survey by clicking Preview Survey before distributing to see from a members perspective how this will appear.

Distribute Survey

  1. Navigate to the Distribution tab.

  2. Click Click here to send this survey to a new group of users.

  3. This opens the Blast Email Module where you may select recipients and compose an email. The survey will attach to the bottom of the email automatically.

View Survey Results

  1. Within Survey Manager, find the name of the applicable survey.

  2. Click the bar chart in the Results column.

  3. Within the drop down, select either Your Distribution or All Distributions to view the results.

  4. Click on each question to receive detailed results.

  5. Select Show Graph to view a chart of the results.

Export Survey Results

  1. Click Export Survey Results.

  2. Within the Available Directory Fields, select the fields/columns you would like to include in the export.

  3. Click the right arrow to move fields over to the Included Directory Fields window.

  4. Select the Export Type: Classic, One Record Per Line, Choices Ungrouped, One Record Per Line, Choices Grouped

  5. Optional: Click the checkbox to Show Header Text Questions. (This is excluded by default).

  6. Click Export.


Best Practices

  1. Surveys are often more effective if made anonymous, so members can answer more honestly.

  2. Try to keep surveys short, which will encourage members to take surveys. Longer surveys are time consuming and can be cumbersome, which can deter members from filling them out.


Q: My survey is anonymous, can I change that?

A: Yes, whether or not a survey is anonymous can be changed after it has been created and distributed, but you will need to reach out to your Support Team to have this change implemented.


Q: Can my survey be displayed on a page, rather than sent in an email?

A: Yes! This can be done. You will need to reach out to your Support Team to create this distribution for you.

Q: Can my survey be open to the public?

A: No.


Q: Can users take the survey multiple times?

A: No. A user can fill out the survey for a second time, but their results will not be recorded or overwritten.

Q: Why are members required to log in to the site even if the survey is anonymous?

A: Members are required to log in to the site because surveys cannot be accessed by the public. While the results from the survey will be anonymous, whether or not they have completed the survey will still be tracked.