Site Statistics


Site Statistics are a collection of reports about user interactions on the website. The tool allows for a quick gauge of usage from guests and members alike.

Required Permissions

  • Admins

  • Editors

Accessing the Tools

Follow the steps below depending on your access role.

Admins: Hover over Admin bar in the left hand corner of the screen, select Site Statistics.

Editors: Hover over Admin in the main navigation, select Site Activity, and then Site Statistics.

The Site Statistics Interface will launch.

Site Statistics Tools

  • Usage Stats:  provides in-depth statistics about user interactions, such as: daily history, hourly history, search phrases, and more. The most useful Usage Stats will be covered later.

  • Session Details: shows all of the pages visited for a single visitor on a given day. This is not commonly used.

  • Menu Details: provides an overview of the site navigation and how many clicks each menu item has for a given time frame.

  • Global Services: provides statistics for services such as the Directory and Calendar. This is not commonly used for everyday purposes.

  • User Logins: statistics for the number of user logins which can be grouped to show useful data about members. 

  • Summary: shows number of hits by visitors and users for the site group by months. This is used as a general overview for site statistics, but does not contain statistics commonly used to drive decisions about the site.

Best Practices

  1. It is important to check Site Statistics every so often before big decision making with content, or after sending campaigns. By understanding and using Site Statistics, you can then begin to make informed decisions on what to market, where to market, and when to market.

  2. The most important statistics are the Usage Stats, where the majority of information on amount of traffic and when such traffic occurred can be found. This information can help in determining where to post new content and when to market this content.

  3. When reviewing data in a date range, only choose a few months at a time. If a large number of months are reviewed at once, it can take the data considerable time to load. Reviewing large amounts of data at once can also be hard to read. Instead, review statistics frequently to keep up to date with the trends on the site.

  4. Increase your target marketing by posting content on popular days and times so that more traffic is likely to see this. To do this, review the Hourly and Day of the Week History. Take an extra step and review Menu Details to find the most visited pages on the site, so that the marketing material can be placed on those pages.

  5. Do you have important information that has low hits? Try moving it into an email marketing campaign, or moving it to another popular page.


  1. Q. There are a lot of Site Statistics - where should I start?

    A.  Begin with with the Usage stats tab, as this is where the majority of the information regarding your site’s traffic patterns can be found.