Office - IT - Adding Citrix Workspace to Local Device

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This guide will demonstrate how to add the Citrix Workspace app on a device. Adding the Citrix Workspace application on the local device will bypass the authentication step when logging in. 

Required Permissions

  • Admin access to install software on device

Add Citrix Workspace to a Local Device

  1. Navigate to the search box on your desktop, then type Citrix Workspace.

  2. Click to open this application.  

  3. Type in in the “Enter your Store URL or email address” space.

  4. Continue with the authentication process.

  5. Click Allow.


Best Practices

  1. Prior to starting this process, ensure the Citrix Workspace Application is already installed and that Multi-Factor Authentication is setup with an existing domain account.

  2. Adding the Citrix Workspace app to your desktop eliminates the need to enter your credentials upon each login.


  1. How often do I need to enter my credentials since it’s saved on my computer?

    1. The user will have to re-authenticate again every 30 days.