Office - IT - Creating Citrix Shortcut on a Local Device

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This guide will demonstrate how to create a Citrix shortcut on your local device that can used to quickly access the Clubessential Back Office application.  

Required Permissions

  • Admin access to install software on device

Create Citrix Shortcut on a Local Device

  1. Navigate to the Notification area on your device, and look for the Citrix Workspace Application.

  2. Right click on the application and select Advanced Preferences.

  3. Click Shortcuts and Reconnect.

  4. Within the Application Display tab, check the box for both Show Applications in Start Menu and Show Application on Desktop.

  5. In the text fields for both, enter “Clubessential Back Office.”

  6. Click Ok. Note: this will trigger a restart.

  7. Click Yes to restart the Workspace application.

On your desktop, there should now be an icon similar to below.



On your Start Menu, there should now be an icon similar to below.



Best Practices

  1. Prior to starting this process, ensure the Citrix Workspace Application is already installed, that Multi-Factor Authentication is setup with an existing domain account, and add Citrix to your local device.