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Employees - Groups - Security Role

  • Added a new employee role to authorize charges over a member's AR threshold.

    Use Case:  Previously, a limit could not be applied to the Member’s ability to generate charges.  Now, with the update described in the Membership section below, a Member AR threshold can be established (for example $5,000), and Managers/Employees can be granted privileges to Allow Exceed Member AR Threshold role, to authorize Member charges in the POS once the $5,000 (or other threshold) has been exceeded.

    In the POS, with this permission, allows a user to say Yes to this warning. 


Interactive Reports

Employee Security Reports

  • Added an Employee Security Roles report so that users can determine what roles a specific employee can perform, or find all employees with a specific role.

    Use Case:  Previously, it was not possible to view all employees with their assigned security levels in a report or a grid. Now, easily view all employees by role, (View, Edit, Create, and Delete), and/or use report filters to find a specific employee and their roles, employee groups and their roles, or employees with a specific role. Also view the method in which the security role was issued (Group, Area, or Individual level). Remember: Best practice is to apply security roles at the Group level, rather than at an individual level. This report should improve overall user experience when reviewing role security.


Check Register Report

  • Updated the Check Register report to now display similar detail to vendor invoices/credit memos. Expanding to the lowest level will now display the Line Item Type, Name, and Description.

    Use Case:  Previously, it was not possible to view the line item details associated with an invoice on the check register.  Previously, details of G/L Accounts, or Assets were available, but not line item details.  Now, easily drill-down from a check level to identify line Item Type, Name, and Description.


Delete/Voids/Discount/Comps Ticket Report

  • Updated the Delete/Voids/Discount/Comps Ticket report to add a filter option by Reason Code.

    Use Case:  Previously, the report did not contain the ability to filter by reason codes.  Now, for Clubs looking to leverage the Require Void Selection and Require Comp Selection settings described in the System-Areas enhancement below, easily filter this report by the Reason codes designated at the POS when the Void or Comp was selected.

  • Added tracking of which employee authorized a Comp, Discount, or Void and shows them in the Delete/Voids/Discount/Comps Report and the Ticket Audit Report.

    Use Case:  Previously unavailable, now quickly see who Deleted Tickets or authorized the use of Comps, Discounts, or Voids to improve auditing and reviewing capabilities.


Member Voucher Transactions Reports 

  • Added 'Show vouchers redeemed in this date range' option to the Member Voucher Transactions report; if checked, it will look for vouchers redeemed within the specified start/end date.

    Use Case:   Previously, the report only looked at the voucher's sold date.  Now, quickly see which vouchers were redeemed this month, or this week, or today.

Membership - Financial Information - A/R

  • Added an AR threshold value to members so that a club can configure an AR balance limit for a member. Any charges at POS over the limit require manager approval.

    Use Case:

    Previously, a limit could not be applied to the Member’s ability to generate charges. Now, if populated with an amount >$0, the AR threshold value will require approval from an Employee designated with the Allow Exceed Member AR Threshold role once the threshold would be exceeded (for instance, $5,000). If left at $0, A/R threshold will not apply to Member.

    This feature is also available for Multi-Edit.

System - Areas - Global Reason Codes

  • Updated the Area POS Settings Configuration to add Global Void, Comp and Discount reason codes with optional % or $ fixed amounts and GL override.

Use Case: Previously, Area POS Settings contained the ability to add Buttons to the POS and assign a POS Settings Type to the button, which would then open a free-form field, and allow input to describe a reason for its use.  Now, in addition to having the option for a free-form field, a Club may also define a Global list of reason codes for Voids, and for Comp and Discounts by enabling the Require Void Selection or Require Comp Selection settings.  When global codes are established, and settings are turned on to require selection from the list, collection of data and analysis then becomes possible.  For example, when a Comp button is selected, Clubs may decide to use their Various Departments as possibilities for the list.  Therefore, they can capture whether the Comp was due to Member Relations, or Promotions, for instance.  This function opens up the ability to gather data consistently, and then to address trends and analyze club operations pertaining to these features.  When Global Reason Codes are used, remember that they can now be seen on the Delete/Voids/Discount/Comps Ticket Report.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Golf Play Data Genie View including the time portion on the Date field.

  • Fixed an issue with the new Quick Check form not properly creating Batch Preview Detail records for the payment batch on posting.

  • Fixed an issue with the General Ledger Transactions grid not showing Vendor Invoice batch details due to the employee not have direct access to the departments.

  • Fixed an issue with the new Pay Bills form not immediately launching the Print Checks form after posting the batch if Quick Print Checks is checked but Quick Post Batch is unchecked.

  • Fixed an issue where entering a % in the item combo form was using the combo's price when the combo was opened, not what it currently is.

  • Fixed an intermittent issue with lookup layouts erroring when using the Journal Entry Wizard.

  • Fixed spelling of received in Item Receipt form.

  • Fixed an issue with the Barefoot API Endpoint using an older URL.

  • Fixed an issue with the Custom Field Values report only showing one selection for multi-select-enabled Choice custom fields with entities that had multiple choices selected.

  • Fixed an issue with the online ordering system where it is not sending items correctly if the quantity is greater than 1.

  • Fixed an issue with Reserve where negative events were not syncing.

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