Office (10.28.19) Release

Office - Release Notes


CE Payments


  • CE Payments payment reversal process has been updated.

Use Case: Previously, reversals would take up to three business days to process. Now payments made in PayCloud via CE Payments that were reversed will process immediately. 


Licensing/Active Seats

  • Licensing/Active Seat process has been updated. 

Use Case: The process of licenses/seats in Office/Classic POS has been updated to allow heavy or high traffic users to not be kicked out of the system. Previously, Users would receive a notification that their session had ended and they needed to sign back in when traffic was too high. 

Area Level Filters (Mobile POS)

  • Area level filters have been updated in CMA for Mobile POS. 

Use Case: Added Member Type filtering support at the Area level in CMA to Mobile POS. 

Mobile POS

Item Lookup

  • Item lookup now supports multiple search terms. 

Use Case: Mobile POS Item Lookup can now search for Items via name, BIN, or SKU and add to the ticket. This function can be accessed from the magnifying glass icon in the top right, as shown below. 

SKU Lookup Example:

Barcode Scanning

  • Mobile POS now allows for item barcode scanning. 

Use Case: Users with a scanner can now scan barcodes and those items will be added to the ticket. This feature can be accessed from the paper icon in the top right of Mobile POS screens, shown below. 

Scanning Example: 

Item Reprint on Fire Ticket

  • Support has been added for a new Area-Level setting called Reprint Items on Fire in Mobile POS. 

Use Case: For Clubs using the firing system, this setting will allow for the display of the items being fired not just the course number. See setting below. 

Coursing - Ticket Send

  • Functionality has been added to Mobile POS to enhance Ticket Send processes. 

Use Case: Mobile POS has now been updated so that, when multiple tickets exist on a table, all tickets will be sent when Fire is selected. For Clubs using Coursing, each couse across all tickets will fire at the same time, and then the second round of coursing can be sent across all tickets.

Combos - Modifiers 

  • Mobile POS has been updated so that Combos have the option to no longer break out on the settlement ticket. 

Use Case: Mobile POS has been updated to support Combos marked with the setting Do Not Print Modifiers will no longer break out each item on the Pay/Settle/Statement tickets. See examples of both on the ticket below. 

Print Modifier Setting:

Settle Ticket - Gratuity

  • Mobile POS Settle Ticket Gratuity process has been updated. 

Use Case: Previously, if Gratuity were decreased on a paid ticket the User would need to delete and re-enter to correct. Now, Mobile POS can automatically update the ticket total if Gratuity is decreased and reduce the payment amount. 

Bug Fixes/Other

  • Fixed an issue where a server could not print the End of Shift report in Mobile POS if they had unplaced Mobile Orders assigned to them.

  • Fixed an issue in Mobile POS where sent combos could not be voided from a ticket.

  • Fixed an issue where the CE Payments Settlements report would show duplicate transactions if a ticket number was the same in both Classic POS and Mobile POS.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a ticket from being split on a table in Mobile POS if it was moved to another area.

  • Fixed an issue in CMA where installment billings would be duplicated during Month End if it had multiple adjustments made to it.

  • Fixed an issue in Classic POS where marking a ticket Tax Exempt would not apply to combos.

  • Fixed an issue where combos with a tax-inclusive item did not calculate the correct subtotal in the Member Charge Wizard.

  • Changed how Office syncs photos for members to Axis; going forward, only the first photo on a member’s profile will sync over.

  • Fixed an issue where an employee who forgot their password and had it reset would show several duplicate entries in the audit log (CMA).

  • Fixed an issue where Areas would not properly save all of their selected member groups when there were several selected.

  • Fixed an issue where creating a new Item and immediately setting a modifier group would cause an error to display when the item was saved.

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