Office (8.17.20) Release


The Classic POS/CMA Microsoft security certificate has been renewed. Some users may be required to accept the certificate upon downloading this update.



Mobile POS

  • SSO into Mobile Ordering

Use Case:  Users can now Single Sign On into Mobile Ordering directly from Member Details within Mobile POS! This allows you to impersonate a member and access the Mobile Ordering menus to submit an order. By doing so, these orders count toward your maximum orders allotted per interval, which can be helpful when also accepting phone-in orders. This is also helpful when testing/configuring new Mobile Ordering Menus.

Just Search for a Member using Member Lookup, and tap on the shopping cart icon to impersonate them and place a Mobile Order.

Note: Menus with a gray overlay are not currently visible to members.

  • Tee Times - Create Ticket for Reserver

Use Case:  Users can now easily create a ticket for the Reserver member on a Tee Time, even if that member is not a player on the reservation. Clicking “Create Ticket” or “Member Charge” will now list the Reserver as an option for charging.

  • Tee Times - Manual Refresh

Use Case:  This new button gives users the ability to quickly refresh the Mobile POS Tee Sheet after making a change in Axis. 

(Note: The Mobile POS Tee Sheet refreshes automatically every 30-60 seconds. The Course Toggle has been moved to the center of the Tee Sheet)

  • Tee Times - Auto Scroll

Use Case:  The Tee Sheet now auto-scrolls to the current time upon opening the Tee Times tab.

  • Tee Times - Select All Option

Use Case:  A "Select All" option has been added when selecting which Member's Tee Times are being paid for so you can quickly check off all players in the list.

  • Tee Times - Delete Ticket

Use Case:  The delete ticket option on the Mobile POS Tee Sheet has been updated to respect the "Delete Closed Ticket" security permission in CMA. Users without this permission will be prompted to enter the PIN of an employee with the required permissions.

Mobile Ordering

  • Order Accepting Availability Times

Use Case:  A Mobile Order’s accepting start/end times now reflect exactly what is configured in CMA. Previously, the first/last accepting times factored in “Minutes Before Pickup to Send”.


  • CE Payments Settlement Report - All Unsettled Filter

Use Case:  The CE Payments Settlement Report can now be filtered to show "All Unsettled" transactions for the Funds in Transit account(s) selected to make reconciling the account easier. Previously, users would have to run Card Present (Unsettled Tickets) and Card Not Present (Unsettled Payments) reports separately.

  • PayCloud Cash Receipts - Default A/R

Use Case:  Payments that sync from PayCloud will now respect the “Default A/R” configured in Cash Receipt Type setup. The system will first apply payments to the A/R accounts defined in System Settings > Accounts Receivable >  “Order to Apply Payments”. If the member does not have a balance in these accounts, or has an excess payment, the system will apply the payment (or remaining payment balance) to the default A/R. 

  • Guest Rooms - Email From Address

Use Case:  Users can now define a specific "Email From" address for Guest Rooms notifications.

  • Ticket Templates - Hide Item Breakout

Use Case:  A control to hide item breakout has been added to the Receipt Ticket Template element. This can be used for Areas of the club in which Members do not desire itemized receipts. 

  • Prepaid Invoices - Vendor Name on GJ Description

Use Case:  Journal entries created by prepaid invoices will now always include the vendor name in the description.

  • Mobile POS Sync Improvement

Use Case:  Changes in case to Item and Item Modifier names now triggers a sync to Mobile POS.


Bug Fixes

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where using "Group Like Items" sometimes incorrectly marked items as sent.


  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where changing the Resource option in the Dining tab did not update the reservation list.


  • Mobile POS - Fixed a bug where the Settle to Folio grid displayed incorrect Guest Rooms Arrival/Departure dates.


  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where Tee Times from 12PM - 12:59PM were incorrectly displaying as AM on the Tee Sheet.


  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the A/R Reconciliation Report did not properly factor in CE Payments refunds.


  • CMA - Fixed a bug where selecting Save and New from the Edit Mobile Menu grid would throw an error and duplicate days of the week.


  • CMA - Fixed an issue that prevented users from deleting existing Mobile Ordering Menus.


  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the "Show Summary Breakout on Statement" Area setting was not respected for Mobile POS transactions.

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