Mobile App (1.19.22 & 1.24.22) Release

January 19, 2022 & January 24, 2022




Guest and Admin tee time notifications will now be sent when bookings are made via the NGA tee times system. Previously, only the Member notifications were sent.


The ##START_LETTER## snippet is now supported in tee times notifications being sent via NGA bookings



Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue with the “Allow User to Change Their Photo” setting, which prevented members from changing their photo even when the setting was set to allow it

  • Fixed an issue that caused push notification links to not function correctly when interrupted by the biometric login prompt

  • Fixed an issue that prevented profile update logs from being added when a member updated their profile via the NGA

  • Fixed an issue that allowed members to see buddies that had hidden themselves after being added to the buddy list

  • Fixed an issue that prevented admins from seeing admin-only custom fields in member profiles

  • Fixed an issue that displayed member bookings for different courses at the same time grouped together instead of associated with the course they were booked for

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Member Type field from properly showing to other members when flagged for member view

  • Fixed an issue with Add Start lottery times that displayed them as regular tee times instead of lottery requests

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Android app crashes, most frequently on Samsung devices, when viewing content pages


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