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The following guide details how to ensure the A/R Aging Report is in balance with General Ledger, as well as steps to take to fix the issue if it is indeed out of balance.  

Use Case(s)

Users should periodically (recommended Monthly) check their A/R Aging to the A/R General Ledger to ensure it is in balance. 

Out of balance errors can occur because of:

  • Incorrect Journal Entries

  • A Member payment being marked as Non-Member

  • Member payment going to the incorrect A/R Account

Steps to Balance

Please Note: All Members should be in the Reporting Group.

  1. Run report (Interactive Reports → Membership → AR Aging) and confirm the last date it was in balance and that it does go out of balance on the next date.

  2. Then in General Ledger enter the start date the 1st day of the month and the End Date the AS Of date of the AR Aging Report. Put the AR Account number in the Search Field. Then click the Refresh Arrows.

  3. The Ending Balance in the GL grid should match the AR Aging Report.

  4. Go to General Ledger in the module settings row, then Ledger Periods. Find the last period that was closed and reopen it (double click on the period → uncheck Closed→ Save), then as soon as that completes, reclose it.

  5. Go back and run the Aging Report again for the date it was out of balance and see if it now is in balance.

  6. A/R Aging should be in balance now. 

Analyze Batches

If for any reason A/R Aging is not in balance after completing steps 1-6, then analyze the batches that were posted on that date—both the Member charges and the payment batches, by following the steps below. 

  1. Open each payment batch and confirm that the amount hitting the A/R account is equal to the amount total you see hitting the Member accounts.

    1. The only reason it would be different would be if there is a Non Member Cash receipt in the batch, and that should be labeled in the details of the batch.

  2. If you find a payment batch that had the wrong amount hitting the A/R, unpost the batch.  

    1. Go into the batch and if there are no Non Member cash receipt postings, scan the batch and make sure that all Members payments are hitting the a/r account. Repost and see if that corrects it.  If you suspect that is the problem, the batch corrects, then go back and open/close the ledger period and then re-run your Aging to see if that brings it into balance now.

  3. If all the payment batches are good, then you need to check the charge batches.

    1. Look at each POS batch and make sure the total in the Member Charge settled column is what is posting to the A/R account. 

      1. It could be a ticket that has an item that is not set up correctly. If the amount is not the same, find the difference and look for a ticket for that amount. Generally, you can find that and correct the item settings and unpost/repost and it will post the right amount.

  4. Check the Member charge batches to make sure the total activity is what is posting to the A/R account and again, if it isn’t, most likely is an item that isn’t set right with the right A/R override or has the A/R account as the sales account. Unpost the batch, correct the item and repost and then should be in balance.

If all the above steps were completed and the batch is still out of balance, please reach out to your Clubessential Support team to help troubleshoot the issue.

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