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Hello and welcome to your Clubessential Website!

We want you to be successful, and make the most out of your Website! As such, please take the time to explore these lessons which highlight the foundational tools that will help you manage your website!

Within each lesson, you will find an overview, a video tutorial, FAQ's, Best Practices, and a downloadable written guide to help you master these tools.


Clubessential Education

Lesson 1 - Editor

Lesson 1: Editor (Click to Edit)

Learn to use your Website's main editing tool.

Estimated Completion Time: 35 minutes

Lesson 2 - Image Explorer

Lesson 2: Image Explorer (Photos and Photo Galleries)

Learn to manage your Website Photos with the Image Explorer.

Estimated Completion Time: 40 minutes

Lesson 3 - Calendar & Event Manager

Lesson 3: Calendar and Event Manager

Learn to manage your Website Calendar and Events.

Estimated Completion Time: 60 minutes

Lesson 4 - Groups

Lesson 4: Groups

Learn to manage your Membership Groups (Dynamic, Static, and Opt-In) to simplify and maximize the impact of your Marketing and Communication efforts.

Estimated Completion Time: 38 minutes

Lesson 5 - Articles

Lesson 5: Articles

Learn to manage your Website Articles to increase Member Education.

Estimated Completion Time: 20 minutes

Lesson 6 - Compose Email

Lesson 6: Compose and Send Email

Learn to Communicate with your Membership via Emails.

Estimated Completion Time: 25 minutes

Lesson 7 - Email Reporting

Lesson 7: Email Reporting

Learn how to troubleshoot Email Issues, and leverage statistics on read-rates and click-throughs to enhance your Membership's Email experience.

Estimated Completion Time: 33 minutes

Lesson 8 - Cross Marketing

Lesson 8: Cross Marketing

Learn how to increase your Membership's Participation in Events by utilizing Confirmations, Statements, the Directory and more.

Estimated Completion Time: 27 minutes

Lesson 9 - Site Statistics


Lesson 9: Site Statistics

Learn how your Members are Utilizing Your Website. Identify peak activity times, and other key metrics to improve your Website's effectiveness.

Estimated Completion Time: 28 minutes