Office - Guest Rooms - Settling Outstanding Folios

Table of Contents


  • Clubs need to settle outstanding folios whether it’s to a guest account or other accounts set up for this purpose (house account.) This guide will walk you through settling outstanding folios so that they can be accounted for.

Required Permissions

  • Guest Rooms

  • POS

  • Add/Edit/Delete Items (If a new item is needed)

Accessing the Tool

  1. Launch into the Guest Rooms Module.

  2. Double Click on the outstanding folio.

  3. Start the process to settle the folio. (Do NOT quick settle to a sponsoring member. You must settle the folio to Member Charge in order for it to hit the house account).

  4. The POS will launch, the club then may change the member from the original sponsoring member to the house account and member charge it.

    • You can change the member on the ticket by selecting the ellipses next to “Print Pay” and then choosing Change Member.

  5. Settle the ticket to Member Charge.

Now that the Charge has been applied to a member account, in this case the House Account member that you have set up, you may follow the club’s normal procedures for expensing bad debt. This could mean performing a negative member charge to the account using an Item that debits the bad debt accounts.

Best Practices

  • If for any reason you did not change the member in the POS and accidentally Member Charged out to the sponsoring member, you can move the ticket to the house account in back office using the Invoice Transfer Wizard.