Full Suite - Employee Management

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  • This guide compiles all resources needed to create and/or terminate employees from clubs that are Full Suite (Clubs that have all CE products).

Required Permissions

  • Admin


Creating new employees for access to CMA (back office) has never been easier. Click here to learn how to Create a new employee for access to CMA and POS.

When an employee leaves the club, we want to ensure that all access is removed. Click here to learn how to terminate an employee in CMA.


Ensuring that the club always has an admin on hand to assist members with their payment needs is a must. Learn how to add new users to Paycloud by clicking here.

To remove access for a Paycloud admin, log in to the Paycloud Admin Portal.

  1. Select System Users.

  2. Select the three dots next to the username of the employee you wish to delete.

  3. Choose to delete.

Note: Some instances will not allow for a delete. Simply change the access of the user from admin to employee.

CE Payments

To remove access to the admin site for CE Payments (Finnix) please call (800-448-1475) or email (support@clubessential.com) support.


Hire a new Events Coordinator? Click here to learn how to add to the ReServe System.

The Banquets system will not allow for a user to be deleted but we will need to deactivate them. To access the System Users:

  1. Select Settings.

  2. Select Users.

  3. Select Manage Users.

You will now need to locate the employee to deactivate:

  1. Search for the employee.

  2. Click the deactivate link.


After hiring new employees and granting access in CMA for the staff members to complete tasks related to the POS, you may need to add admin access to the employees for Website manipulation. Click on the items below to see how to grant security roles on the website:

  1. Tee Times Admin

  2. Dining Admin

  3. Courts Reservation Admin

  4. Spa Admin

Your club may be using Netcaddy Pro which uses your existing website login credentials. For additional information on how to configure Netcaddy Pro, please click here.

Once an admin is no longer with the club, you will want to ensure that they can no longer access their website admin profile. The easiest way to ensure this would be to delete the Employee account or any member account created for the employee to use as an admin. Alternatively, you may remove their admin access.

Note: If the employee profile for the Website was being used for blast emails, you will not want to delete this account. Lock this account down. Under “Edit this User” Change Username, Password, email address and choose to Lock User From Logging In.

  1. Select Admin in upper right of page.

  2. Select Directory/Roster.

  3. Search for member or staff account.

  4. Select profile and click on Edit this User.

  5. Select the appropriate option in Admin Level field.

    • If the employee was synced from CMA, following the steps for terminating the employee in office will place the employee in a status that will not allow them to sync to the website so the profile will not be re-created.

    • For Netcaddy, since the integration uses the employee’s Website credentials, removing admin access and controls will remove the employee’s ability to login to Net Caddy.

  6. To remove admin access to the reservation admin dashboards, follow the guides then:

    • find name in right side box.

    • click on name to remove.

    • save changes.


Clubs cannot remove access to CRM, please call (800-448-1475) or email (support@clubessential.com) support for assistance with removing CRM access.

RDP/Citrix Logins

To remove access to hosted RDPs and the Cloud Hosting platform Citrix, please call (800-448-1475) or email (support@clubessential.com) support.

Best Practices

  • Remember to remove access to any sensitive information that is not linked to CE.