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Group Mail Pt 1.

Explore how to compose emails with Clubessential’s Template Manager and Email Editor. Learn how to create an email from scratch by adding, editing, removing and rearranging content with the easy to use drag-and-drop interface. Learn how to save your emails as templates for future use. Learn how to access your draft messages or revert back to a previous version of your work. Learn about the various delivery options and how to schedule your email for delivery.

Group Mail Pt 2.

Join us for a more advanced overview of Clubessential’s Email Editor. We’ll take a deeper dive into its capabilities and content options to help you build best in class email communications. We’ll spend time constructing an email starting from an existing template and learn how to enhance and customize it to meet your needs. This course assumes you have some familiarity with the Email Editor and understand how to add basic content with it’s drag and drop user interface.

Calendar Utilization

Your Club Calendar is an extremely effective tool for advertising club events and keeping your members engaged and involved in club activities. When members can quickly see what’s going on at the club, ascertain the details, and conveniently register themselves and their guests for an event, they’re more likely to consider participating in events they may have otherwise glossed over in the past.  Your calendar can also be utilized as a revenue driver by offering an assortment of activities and events to appeal to the wide array of your members’ interests, keeping them engaged and involved.

Becoming an Advanced Website Admin

Learn the ins and outs of using your Clubessential website to its fullest extent with a focus on Marketing. Your Clubessential website provides the tools necessary for target marketing to maximize your communications efficiency.

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