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Focus on the Future While Making in-the-Moment Decisions

As a club leader,  you’re working to derive insights from data and then draw on those insights to shape business decisions and, ultimately, improve club performance. So without a degree in data science how are you supposed to consolidate all of the data captured throughout your club into a report that actually means something and that can be used going forward? Let this webinar show you how.
Focus on the Future While Making in-the-Moment Decisions

Keeping the Pulse on Membership Engagement and Creating your Proactive Touchpoint Plan

In this unprecedented time, it will be more important than ever to keep a pulse on your Membership and have a proactive plan for engaging with the various segments of your membership base. During this session, hear directly from Greg Gilg, General Manager of Field Club of Omaha as he shares how they quickly adapted and innovated new ways to add value to their membership experience. Also, explore how to review key factors impacting engagement levels for your overall membership base, specific membership types, and that of your individual members utilizing the Membership Analytics Predictor (MAP). Then, discover how to turn the results of your review into a proactive strategy for recruitment, increased engagement, and retention.
Keeping the Pulse on Membership Engagement

Reopening your Club in a Contactless or Less Contact Environment

Depending on the state, many private clubs have been able to keep their golf courses open for member play by making modifications to support physical distancing and a contactless environment. For those that have been required to close, golf courses will most likely be some of the first parts of the clubs allowed to re-open. Understand some of the modifications clubs are making to their courses and club operations to remain open while following guidelines or state mandates and help prepare for your Club’s grand re-opening by taking advantage of your club’s technology solutions to adapt to the new normal.
Reopening your Club in a Contactless or Less Contact Environment

1/29/2020A Private Club President's Perspective on Finance & Technology

Clubessential CFO and Coldstream Country Club President, Brian Carley, shares invaluable insight on the role of the CFO/Controller within a club. From responsibilities to the necessary tools, Brian shares his expert experience on how you and your finance team can lead your club into continued success. He’s provided 12 insights into the CFO role as well as the integral relationships with team members that help a club run smoothly. Finally, he explains first-hand what tools can help you be efficient and innovative as you lead your club into 2020.

A Private Club President's Perspective

10/31/2019Taking the Pain Out of Payments

In the spirit of Halloween, we are offering a special treat (and maybe even a few tricks) to help you identify the trends in the payments industry, the underlying pains in your payment system, and how you can modernize your payments platform to streamline and optimize your entire payments solution. Our Director of Product Management, Stacy Zak, and our CE Payments and Office Product Owner, Sam Horn will help guide us through the world of Payments.

Taking the Pain Out of Payments

8/21/2019Tapping into the Trends of 2019, before it’s 2020.

At the end of 2018, we made some predictions about the coming trends of 2019. During this webinar, our Clubessential Product team will be revisiting the hottest trends of 2019, and will be sharing first hand how leaders in the club industry have successfully prepared themselves to embrace those trends of personalization, speed in banking, predictive tech, and enhancing the front of house and back of house operations with a mobile-first focus.
Tapping into the Trends of 2019, before it’s 2020.