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Membership Maintenance

Full Suite Users - this is for you! If you need a little help utilizing best practices when it comes to Resigned members, join us as we discuss different scenarios and options for managing your member data in the back office system and how that impacts the website!


Roster Unification

Learn how to manage your Roster Sync seamlessly across the (back) Office to the Axis-Website, ensuring you have the tools you need for managing the website Directory.  Clubs can control which Member Types are included,  select groups from office to sync to the website and also utilize other aspects such as the Employee sync. 

Managing Your Member Groups

Learn how to manage your Member Groups seamlessly across the (back) Office and Axis-Website, ensuring you have the tools you need for managing and communicating to Groups. A Club may wish to establish several different types of Membership Groups to accomplish various marketing and communication goals. The Unified Suite provides the Club with the ability to meet these goals.

Integrating Your Calendar Events with CMA

We will walk you through how to set-up Event items in CMA and how to link those items and associated fees to the Event itself. We will show you how to create both single and multi-day Events on your Club Calendar, how to allow and manage online registrations, and how to utilize Event notifications to keep your members informed. We will also cover member payment options and Mobile POS check-in for Events.

Integrating Your Forms & Events With CE Payments

Event and form payments provide a fantastic user experience where members can easily pay online with saved information. The easier the process is for members or visitors, the more likely they will be inclined to attend future events.

Target Marketing Based on Member Spending

With Clubessential's unified suite, club's have more access to targeted marketing. In this webinar we will detail the process of curating your database to send out marketing emails, first impressions, push notifications, and Text Messaging.