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Taking advantage of your customizable ‘Grids’

Keep in mind that most of your ‘grids’ are customizable to control what data is visible and the order in which it is presented.

Select data to include on grid by right-clicking anywhere within the grid and selecting option for ‘Customize Columns’.

Columns can be placed in any order by dragging the column heading to the desired location or by double clicking. Drag or double click a column header to make it appear on the grid.

Column widths can also be adjusted by dragging the right edge of a column (just to the right of the filter icon that looks like a funnel but before the description of the next column heading) either to the right or left. You will notice that the pointer icon changes from a finger to outward pointing arrows when adjusting column widths.

Organizing your Grids 

  • Grids can be sorted by clicking on any column heading. The sort order is first in ascending order and then switches to descending order when clicked a second time. A small arrow appears when clicking on a column heading. If the arrow points up this means the information below it in the column will be listed in an ascending order. If the arrow is pointing down the information will appear in descending order.

  • Grids can be ‘filtered’ by selecting the icon that looks like a funnel to the right of the column heading. This can be used to quickly locate specific items by choosing them from the dropdown list. Filters can also be used to apply ‘custom’ conditions to a column by selecting (Custom) option towards top of the dropdown. This is useful to view ranges of data (such as ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’ for dates and other numeric data, or ‘Contains’ / ‘Does not contain’ for conditions with text).

Reviewing your data

Periodically review your grids from a high level for ‘unusual’ items by taking advantage of sorts and filters to see if anything looks out of the ordinary such as:

  • Do I have inventory items that do not have credit book activated? Find this by setting your Inventory column filter = ‘True’ and Credit Book column filter = ‘False’ and then make corrections as needed.

  • Are my items in proper categories?

  • Does my item pricing look reasonable?

  • Are items set to print on guest checks?

  • Do my $0 price items have ‘Ask for Price’ box selected?

  • Are members in correct member type based on ages?

  • Do I have duplicate accounts based on sort by address?

Customized Grids can be printed (‘Print Grid’), saved (‘New Layout’) and recalled (‘Load Layout’) by right clicking and making selection. Keep in mind that all changes made to a grid will still be there the next time you recall that grid. You can return from a saved version of the grid to the default version by right clicking and selecting ‘Default Layout’. Remember - any customization made to grids will apply only to your User ID and does not impact any other user.