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Clubs using 3rd party accounting systems (Jonas, Northstar, IBS, Clubtech and others) can use this guide to help manage exceptions identified through Gofer (Clubessential’s proprietary data translation toolset), and ensure statement and payment information translates properly to the Paycloud system, and any exceptions are handled appropriately.

Use Case(s):

  • A Club is using a 3rd party accounting system and:

    • A Member’s statement does not appear proper in Paycloud.

    • A Member’s statement is missing from Paycloud.




Accessing the Tool

Once in the Paycloud Admin site, click on Gofer to access the Gofer toolset.

Note: Paycloud Admin URL will appear as follows: If you do not have your username and password, please contact support for assistance (

Review Statement Processing Errors

When changes occur to the source data files, processing errors may occur during the time of data translation, and will need reviewed and corrected to ensure statements and ticket details display appropriately.  

To review the Processing errors, click the arrow next to Gofer to expand the menu.  Then, click on the Gofer Statement Files option.  

A list of statement files that have processed through the Gofer tool will appear.  These statements will be filtered by the Statement Date, and will contain useful information to indicate when there may be an issue or exception.  The three columns highlighted below contain:

    1. Statement Count: the number of statements processed

    2. Success Count: the number of statements processed successfully, and

    3. Failure Count: the number of statements that failed to process, and need further review/action.

For any statement processed that has a Failure count, click the edit box highlighted below in red, and choose Edit to review details of the file.

A list of all individual members whose statements were included included in the statement push from the 3rd party accounting system will appear.  They are sorted based on Success field, success indicated by a green check mark; meaning the statement successfully processed.  Click Success label to bring all failed statements to the top for quick review.  Note that for any failure, a red X displays in the Success column, and a Processing Message is shown to help indicate what type of problem was encountered.  

Review all members with a red x.

Quick Tip: To display failures first, click on the Success column heading.

To display the specific details of a payment, click the Edit box next to the payment needing examination, and then choose Edit.  

As shown below, the bottom half of the screen indicates what is causing the error. For this member, the balance due on the statement does not equal what the items on the ticket add up to. The club will need to check their accounting software to find out why the numbers don’t match and can reject the statement if it is found to be incorrect.

Note: Additional options for handling other error types will be made available in the future.  For additional errors or questions, contact for further assistance.

Best Practices

  • Review all statement failures, determine root cause, and adjust source data so that re-processing of the data will result in proper statement display.

  • Proactively alert Clubessential when making changes to Member numbers, account numbers, or other statement related items that may impact the success of statement display.

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