Event Payment Member Guide

Paying for club events has never been easier. This guide will walks through the event payment experience while registering for events on any club's online calendar.

Registration and Payment

  1. While viewing the club calendar, simply select the title of the event. An event with a green circle that is NOT filled is available for registration.


  2. While viewing the event flyer and details, select the Click Here To Register button.


  3. Within the Event Registration window:

    1. Enter the Party Size.

    2. Add a Spouse, Child, and Guests.

    3. Select the pricing package for your event (if applicable).

    4. Enter any comments or notes for the event administrators.


  4. Once all settings are in place, select Next Step to be taken to the payment screen.


  5. The payment screen will open in the same interface used to when paying online statements. Any payment methods previously used for statements will be saved and available to use. Within the event payment screen, the Payment Amount will appear based on the number of registrants selected. If desired, use the Change Method button to enter a different payment type.


  6. Selecting Change Method will expand existing payment methods of either Credit Cards or ACH accounts. Select which method to use for this event.


  7. Alternatively, selecting Add New Method will open the add account interface.


  8. Select ACH Account to add bank account information. Once added, select Submit to save the account information.


  9. Select CC Account to add a new credit card for payment. Once the information is added, select Submit to save the account information. Info added here will be saved and could be used to make statement payments as well.


  10. Once the desired payment method is selected, simply click Submit Payment.


  11. That’s all there is to it! A confirmation email will be sent indicating registration is complete. When viewing the calendar again, the event will have a green FILLED circle indicating there is an active reservation for that event.