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The following guide will help you with the setup and configuration of your new ETS merchant accounts within the Clubessential Office and POS software.



Merchant Processing Tokens

This is the first step in the process and can be done in advance of the date you wish to enable payment processing.

Upon account setup, ETS sends an email regarding ETS Setup Information. This email contains the account information needed to setup the ETS accounts “tokens” in Office. This information allows our software to communicate your transactions to ETS for processing. From that email you will receive a Master Key and Client ID for each account. You will need the Client ID and Master Key in the following steps.

In Office, go to System > Merchant Processing Tokens:

  • Processor: select Electronic Transaction Systems from the drop down
  • Name: enter a name in the same format as below. Start with ETS and follow with the purpose. Ie. ETS FnB
  • Client ID: enter the client ID from the email
  • Master Key: enter the Master Key from the email
  • Auth URL: enter this url into the field
  • Scheduling URL: enter this url into the field
  • Check the box for TransVault 3.0. This is required as ETS only supports version 3.0 and above.

Save and repeat for each ETS account you enrolled for. 

Install Transvault 3.0.

ETS Transvault is a proprietary application from ETS that is used to transmit transaction securely from the Clubessential Software to ETS. You will need to install Transvault on any workstation that will be processing credit card or ACH transactions. You can install Transvault at any point before you enable ETS for payments as it does not interrupt anything. This can be downloaded from the ETS website and we suggest you do so to ensure you are on the most current version.

Run the installer as a ‘Complete’ install. No additional ‘custom’ settings are needed.

Non-Hosted: you must install Transvault on all the machines using card processing.

Hosted Clients: please make sure to contact CE Support for assistance with installing Transvault. However, the steps below will need to be completed on each workstation at your club.

Make sure set the Remote Connection setting on the CE RDP.

From the workstation exit the Remote Session.

Right Click on the Icon used to access the Remote connection > Edit.

Local Resources tab: Under ‘Keyboard’ select On the local computer (or it might read On This Computer).

Update the Terminal ID value at each POS

This is required for EMV and non-EMV readers and can be done before you enable ETS with no issues. You will need to do this at each workstation that has a card reader.

Open the POS.

Click System Tools > Utilities > Credit Card.

In the ETS EMV Terminal field enter the readers terminal ID.

Non-EMV USB Magtek readers: use 0000

For EMV USB follow the default values below:

ISC250 USB - 2500
ISC250 IP - 2550
Equinox L5300 IP - 5350
Equinox L5300 USB - 5300

If the value does not work, consult with ETS to get the correct value or to troubleshoot further.

Charge Settlement Types

To ‘Turn on’ ETS you will need to enable the ETS token in the Charge Settlement Type.

If you have ETS accounts for your Golf Shop, F&B outlets and other areas, you will need a separate Charge Settlement Type for each token. This will ensure the funds process through the correct account. If you have never taken credit cards at your POS you will need to create new settlement types.

If you currently take credit cards, you will want to make sure the additional settlement types have been added AND on the day of the switch, make sure the old processor token is disabled. NOTE: This should only be done on the day of switch

Setting Up Charge Settlement Types

In Office, go to System > Charge Settlement Types.

Click the New icon.

  • Name: label this to correlate with the ETS account (i.e. Credit Card-Retail or Credit Card-F&B)
  • Description: label this the same as the name
  • Debit Ledger: This should be where the funds from the payments should go
  • Type: Credit Card
  • Token: choose the ETS token from the drop down.
  • Devices: Choose the POS devices the settlement type should be made available.
  • Areas: This allows you to choose a general area. Note: make sure ALL is not selected if you are splitting the areas and devices between two ETS accounts.

Below is an example of a common setup to follow for the following settings. Click Save when done:

Cash Receipt Types

Cash Receipt Types are involved if you are planning to do ACH or Credit Card drafts from your Office system. If you currently do either of those, this step should be followed on the day of switch. Note: ETS MOTO accounts can only be used for Cash Receipt Type payments.

In Office, go to Membership > Cash Receipt Types.

Go to Bank ACH or Credit Card depending on which you are trying to update. Note: you do not need to update the Paycloud cash receipt types.

If you have never taken payments thru Office in this manner, please do the following:

  • Name: should already be labeled, but if not, enter Bank ACH or Credit Card.
  • Description: Label this the same as Name
  • Debit Account: Should be the account that funds go to, such as your bank.
  • Default AR: Choose the AR for these payments.
  • Payment Type: ACH or Credit Card depending on which you are setting up
  • Token: Choose the MOTO account from the drop down. NOTE: If you already accept ACH and Credit Cards with a processor for payments in Office, you will need to only update this setting.

Update the Areas 

Each Area in the Office system has an option to enable the tab payments. The setting is per Area  to allow areas where Tabs can not be used to have the option disabled. For example, most Golf Shops will not accept Tab payments. There are also settings for Disabling gratuity which should be set if you used credit cards previously, but if this is the first time they should be looked at. 

  1. To update Tab Payments
    1. In Office, go to System > Areas
    2. Select the Area you wish to edit
    3. In the section Area Information you will see the option for Tab Payment. There you will choose the specific ETS account that should be used for that area.
  2. To update Gratuity settings
    1. In Office, go to System > Areas
    2. Select the Area you wish to edit
    3. Click on POS Options and will you will see a long list of settings. The ones highlighted below pertain to Gratuity. Set those to what you prefer for that area. 

Device Installation

Device Installation is handled by ETS. If you have received card readers from them and have not had an meeting to install the devices, please reach out to ETS so they can assist with setup and testing.

Online Payments

If you are looking to add ETS for online payments. Please reach out to Clubessential Support for configuration of your account in our Paycloud product.


Q: Can I use my previous credit card readers at each point of sale?

A: No. You will need to purchase new readers directly from ETS

Q: Will my saved bank accounts or credit cards on our website be saved for our members?

A: No. The accounts do not migrate between processors

Q: Will my saved accounts on the member accounts in Office migrate?

A: This depends on who the previous payment processor was. Check with Clubessntial Support for confirmation. 

Downloadable Guide

Setting Up ETS in Office and POS Guide