Public Website Launch - Template

CLUB NAME Members:


We have launched the public side of new the Club website today: URL HERE

Many of our members and staff, as well as consultants, designers, and web developers, have invested a great amount of time and talent to redevelop our website during the past 18 months. Our goal was to best reflect the excellence of the spirit and brand of the CLUB NAME to viewers and to provide you a useful tool to get the most out of your membership. We believe the design and functionality of our new site makes it state of the art among club web sites.


You are encouraged to visit our new website. As before, there is a “public” side and a “member” side only available to members after login. The public side tells our story to the world, while the member side provides a robust calendar, online reservations for events and dining, and various up-to-date information about our club and our members. If you visit on a mobile phone, you will get a customized “mobile” version of the site.


Our web team points out that a website is not and should not be a fixed thing, but rather it should continue to evolve over time to best serve the needs of our members. In particular, we expect the “member side” to change over the coming months with input from you. We invite your comments regarding the site. We have established a dedicated email address for your feedback – please share your ideas regarding the site to CLUB NAME EMAIL.


Our team hopes that you will enjoy the new presence of the CLUB NAME on the Web!


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PS To log into the member side of the new site, “Member Login”. Your user login has been reset from the old site. Your username is [ASK YOUR PROJECT MANAGER], and your password is [ASK YOUR PROJECT MANAGER]. When you log in for the first time you will be prompted to change these.


Downloadable Version