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The home screen has been designed with personalization in mind. Members can easily access personal reservations. Upcoming featured events based can be based on membership and interests.

Required Permissions

  • Administrator

My Reservations 

After logging-in to the Club’s upgraded app, your members will immediately be taken to a new personalized Home page where they will see up to three of their upcoming reservations with the option to edit any of these reservations.   

  1. Within this section, they can also access a listing of all their reservations by selecting View All Reservations.  

  2. From this screen, they will have the ability to view any of their reservation details by clicking on the reservation itself.
    Or edit any of their Tee Time reservations by clicking Edit

  3. If your members do not have any upcoming reservations, the reservation section will state “You have no upcoming reservations” and they will have the ability to Make a Reservation using the Club’s available reservation options.  

Featured Events Section 

The next section of the Home screen will display Upcoming Events happening at the Club. Members can swipe left to scroll through all upcoming Events, which will be presented in chronological order. They can then click on any of these Events to access the Event Details or register for an Event. You may personalize this section to match your interests by utilizing the Mobile App Admin Dashboard.

Easy Navigation 

The app has navigation tiles at the bottom of the app that allow you to navigate to the most commonly utilized areas.  These navigation tiles are always present and can be selected at any time, from anywhere within the app. The options within this navigation are:

  • Home

  • Account - The Account tile is where members can manage their profile and individual app settings.

    1. Within settings, you have the ability to turn biometrics on and off for the app. (Again, you will only have this option if your phone has biometric capabilities).  After logging-in, if you decide you want to use biometrics after initially declining it, simply navigate to Account and then Account Settings and Press to Enable Biometrics.

    2. Within the Settings, there is an option to Impersonate User. This allows you to view the app as one of the club’s members. This is very useful for troubleshooting.

  • Quick Action - The Quick Action tile replaces the large tiles you previously saw on your old app’s Home page. Clicking on the Quick Action tile will give you the same menu options you previously had from your former homepage. These links can be updated by Clubessential Support. Please feel free to contact us if you would like the quick action links updated.  

  • Directory - The Directory tile is where you can quickly access both the Member Directory and Staff Directory. From here you can view other members/staff profiles as well as manage your Buddies.

  • Menu - The Menu tile brings up your Side Navigation Menu displaying all additional navigation items available. Updating this navigation can be done by Clubessential Support. Any link here can be moved, added, or removed.

Best Practices