Mobile App - Admin Guide - Location Services

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Location tracking allows for the tracking of a member while they are on club grounds. Staff can target and communicate with members depending on their current location. There are two services that can be utilized:

  • Beacons: These are physical devices placed around the club that track activity of exact locations. They are generally used for seeing when members enter specific rooms or locations.

  • Geofencing: A more macro view than beacons. A geofence can be drawn on a club’s property which can track when member’s enter and exit.

Required Products

  • Mobile App

  • Website

  • Location Services - Beacons/Geofencing - can use either or both.

  • CRM - Necessary for utilizing members on property/location reports


The creation of Places will be done by the Clubessential team. While discussing location services with your CSM, make sure to decide which areas at the club will need a geofence or beacon. These places will can used for push notification automation and reporting.

Creating Push Notifications

Push Notifications that automatically send based on member location can be created via the Mobile App Admin Dashboard.

  1. Use the Admin bar and from the dropdown select Mobile App Admin Dashboard.

  2. Within the left hand panel, select Push Notifications.

  3. The Push Notifications list allows for several actions that can be taken:

    1. Use the pencil Icon to edit an existing notification.

    2. Notifications can be enabled/disabled by selecting the status button.

    3. Delete a notification by selecting the trash icon.

    4. Create a new notification by selecting Create Notification.

  4. Give the push notification a name. This will only be seen by admins and is only used for organizational purposes on the Manage Push Notifications screen.

  5. Next, select the Place(s). The notification will send when a member enters the place(s) selected. Multiple can be selected.

  6. The following step is optional and not required. Member’s can be selected to receive the notification if they are within a certain group or are NOT in a certain group.

  7. Enter a push notification message. There is a 110 character limit.

    1. There are a handful of member snippets that can be used. Simply select the snippet from the list to add. (The snippet information will reflect the member information, even when sending to staff).

  8. A hyperlink can be added to the push notification by check marking Include a Link.

    1. Select Mobile App Menu Item to choose a page located within the App Menu.

    2. Select URL and input a URL to link to any page.

  9. Next, select who will receive the notification:

    1. Send to the Member - This will send the notification to the member who triggered it. This can be used for greetings or letting the member know of any happenings/events/specials going on at the club.

    2. Send to someone else - There are two options that can be used together:

      1. Select one or Multiple Staff to receive the notification.

      2. Select a group. All recipients of the group will be notified.

  10. Finally, select the Frequency. This setting can prevent the member or staff from receiving too many notifications within a short period of time.

  11. Once finished, select Save.

Viewing CRM Report

A report within the CRM can be created to see which members are currently in a given location or even the whole club. Generally, this will be created upon implementation.

  1. To Access, Within the Grey Admin bar, select CRM.

  2. Within the left hand quick links section, select the report Members At Club.

Best Practices

  1. Geofences will cover large areas such as the courts area, golf course, or even the entire club grounds.

  2. Beacons can target much smaller areas such as a reception desk, fitness center, or dining room.

  3. Push Notifications do not always have to be sent to the member. They can be used to notify staff when a member enters specific areas.


  1. Does the member need the app installed?

    1. Yes, for a member to be tracked via location services they must:

      1. Have the app installed;

      2. Be signed into the app;

      3. Grant the app location permissions;

      4. Have Bluetooth turned on (for beacons).

  2. Is there a character limit?

    1. Yes, the character limit for a push notification is 110 characters.

  3. Can I still send manual Push Notifications?

    1. Yes, regular push notifications can still be sent via the Admin bar by selecting the link Push Notifications.