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Creating Modifier Groups and attaching them to Items is a critical feature in Office that enables Members/Guests to successfully order items that have options and/or cooking instructions exactly the way they want them.  Effectively attached Modifier Groups automate the process of ensuring available options on the item(s) are offered and captured during the ordering process. 

Use Case

An FnB Item, such as a Burger, may have multiple Modifiers attached to it, so that Cooking Temps, Toppings, and Bread Type may be specified.When initially setting up the system, or as new collections of Items are added to Dining, Retail or Billing areas of a Club, Administrative Users will need to know how to Add a New Item Category.


Modifiers are managed through the Manage Item Modifier Groups tool.   

To access:


    1.  Click on Items

    2. Then, click on Manage Item Modifier Groups


Item Modifier Groups


Modifier Groups (sometimes referred to as Combos) are used to hold, organize, and specify the functionality of the included Modifiers/Items. 

Create a New Combo/Modifier Group

To create a new Combo/Modifier Group, click the New icon.

The Item Modifier Group maintenance screen will appear.


Name – Give the Modifier Group a name 

Description - Additional description of the Modifier Group; this is optional for internal viewing only   

Min – Enter the minimum number allowed to select from the group.   


    • Entering a 0 indicates a selection is not required.

    • Entering 1 or more indicates a selection must be made (number specified) before moving to the next order. 

Max – Enter the maximum limit allowed to be ordered from the group.

 Example 1: Meat Temperature might have both a Min and Max of 1 to designate that only one temperature may be selected.

 Example 2: Wings Sauce might have a Min 0 and Max 2; we can skip the screen if we don’t want any sauce or choose up to 2 sauces. On the 2nd choice the system will move to the next order 

Modifier Groups

 FnB Modifier Group – Specify for FB POS items (modifiers are typically used for FB items)

 Retail Modifier Group – Specify for Retail POS Items 

No Charge – will turn off the option to enter a price on the modifier   

Selected Item Modifiers


Set the Source to Item Modifier. 

Click the Select Item Modifiers Lookup button to get a list of available item modifiers.   

Then, select the modifier(s), and click Select at the bottom to add them to the Group.   

Price Adjustments to Modifiers

  • You can use Menu Items as modifiers and overwrite the item price using the Price Adjustment.

  • If you need to add a new Menu Item click Quick Add within the Lookup Value

  • If you want the Modifier to be added to the sales reports you will need to select from the Available Items.

  • If you select from the Available Item Modifiers, modifiers are not included on the sales report

  • Use the Move Up/Down Arrows to arrange the order in which the Modifiers will appear in the POS as options.  Highlight the Items/Modifiers, and then click Move Up or Move Down to adjust.



The multiplier will adjust the price of the item based on the terms added.   

For example, if a 2.0 multiplier is added for a "Double" liquor modifier the system would take the base drink price and multiply by 2.

 Multiplier Setup of 2 on “Double”.

Item Setup showing Retail Price of $5.50 for Ciroc.

Impact at POS of a Ciroc with a Modifier of “Double”.  ($5.50 X Multiplier (2) = $11.00)

Edit a Modifier Group

To edit a modifier, double-click on the modifier, or highlight it, and click the Edit icon.

The Item Modifier Group maintenance screen will appear and can then be edited.


Assign Modifier to Item


The Modifiers give the ability to set modifications or choices for additional prep instructions on the item such as Meat Temperatures, side choices, etc…

Every time the item is rung up in POS the modifiers will prompt the server to select from the modifier group.

To add a modifier group to an item, navigate to the Manage Items screen, and select an Item.

The Item setup screen will launch.


Click on the Modifiers option under the Point of Sale section.  Select the Lookup value to get a list of available Modifier Groups.  

Click to select the Modifier Group to be added, and choose Select on the bottom of the Lookup to add Modifier Group to the Item.

 Modifier Groups listed in the Name box will be forced at POS.  Use the Move Up/Move Down option arrange the order of selection in the POS.  

If a Modifier Group was added in error, highlight the group, and click the Remove Selected option.

If the Modifier Group does not exist, click the Quick Add option to create one.


Best Practices

After setting up a Modifier Group and attaching it to an Item(s), perform a test in the POS to ensure the Modifiers are appearing in the expected order and any additional settings such as Multipliers and Price Adjustments are working as desired.


Q. Do I always have to add a Modifier Group to an Item, rather than a single Modifier?

A. Modifiers by definition indicate there are more than one choice.  Therefore, they must be in a group before they can be attached to an item.


Q. How do I ensure Modifier Groups are in the order I want them to appear in the POS? 

A. Ensure they are ordered properly in the Name section of the Item Setup.  Use the Move Up or Move Down option to re-order listed Modifier Groups.


Q. Can Items and Modifiers both be Grouped in a Modifier Group? 

A. Yes, Modifier Groups can be comprised of Modifiers and Items.  Designate this by adjusting the Source field in the Selected Item Modifiers section of the Item Modifier Group maintenance screen.


Downloadable Guide

Item Modifier Controls - Guide