Office - Refund Check to Member


In the event a refund check needs to be written for a member, the Office system offers a simple solution to this occurrence similar to billing reciprocal charges.

Use Case 

  • In some cases, a member will resign and have a credit balance on their account.  The office system allows the user to write a refund check to the member in the amount of the credit balance.

  • If a member overpays their outstanding balance and they would like a refund check in the amount of the overpayment.




Setup Member as a Vendor

To properly process a refund check, the member in question will also need to be setup as a Vendor. Please see our Manage Vendors manual for more information on how to setup a new vendor.

Create a Refund Check

Access the Invoice Receipt screen by selecting Accounts Payable from the user menu and choosing Enter Vendor Invoices (the invoice entry screen).

Follow instructions for Standard Invoice Entry. Complete the heading of the Invoice Receipt Screen. Please be sure to select the newly created Vendor.

The Invoice Amount should equal to the amount needed to net the member’s credit balance to zero.

Under Type option, select Member.

Then, in the name section, select the member to be charged. Use the lookup feature for assistance. Once Member is located, double-click to select and populate the Name field.

The Description will default to Vendor Name. It is recommend to add a reference to a refund check in this field. This will display on the member statement, and can be adjusted if necessary. Leave Quantity at the Default. Enter the Amount of the refund, and click, Save and Close.

Click Finish, and proceed to post batch.

The invoice will then need to be paid and printed as normal. Please see our Pay Bills and Print Checks guide for more information.

Post Charge Batch to Member Account

Once the invoice batch has been posted, the system creates a charge batch under Approve Charge Batches in Membership, which is then posted to charge the member’s account.  This will net the Balance Due on the member’s account to zero.

Select Membership from the user menu and choose Approve Charge Batches.

A new batch will auto-populate based on the Invoice Batch.  Click to select the batch and choose Post Batch.

This will open the batch for review. Select Post Batch after review is complete.

Member Balance

Once the Charge batch is posted, the member will have a net balance of zero on their account.

Best Practices

  • Use the Manage Members grid and associated filters to review Credit Balances on Member Accounts regularly to ensure timely handling of excess Member funds.


Q. How do I set a filter to review Credit Balances for my Members?

A. In Membership, Manage Members grid, ensure the Current Balance column is included in the grid.  (If not, right-click, choose customize columns, and add field to the grid.)  Then, click the arrow next to Current Balance column, choose Custom, and set filter to return credit amounts.


Downloadable Guide

Refund Check to Member - Guide