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The reciprocal charge feature enables a user to enter an invoice for a reciprocal club and create the charge for the member at the same time. Once the invoice batch is posted, the system will create a charge batch under Approve Charge Batches in Membership, which can be posted to charge the member’s account.

Note: Once the Vendor Invoice Batch is posted and the membership batch is created, there is no longer a connection between the two batches. Changes to the membership batch will not affect Accounts Payable. Any service fees charged to the members for processing reciprocal charges would be done through the Membership module as a separate Member Charge.

Use Case 

  • Grand Key Club has a reciprocal agreement with another private Club (West End Club),  allowing their members to play one another’s golf courses on an arranged basis.  Mr. Smith (a Grand Key Club member) played West End Club’s course last week.  Grand Key just received an invoice from West End for Mr. Smith’s round. Grand Key enters the invoice to pay the West End Club, and simultaneously bills Mr. Smith for his play.




Create a Reciprocal Charge

Access the Invoice Receipt screen by selecting Accounts Payable from the user menu and choosing Enter Vendor Invoices (the invoice entry screen).

Follow instructions for Standard Invoice Entry. Complete the heading of the Invoice Receipt Screen.

Under Type option, select Member.

Then, in the name section, select the member to be charged. Use the lookup feature for assistance. Once Member is located, double-click to select and populate the Name field.

The Description will default to Vendor Name. This will display on the member statement, and can be adjusted if necessary. Leave Quantity at the Default. Enter the Amount of the Charge, and click, Save and Close.

Click Finish, and proceed to post batch.

Post Charge Batch to Member Account

Once the invoice batch has been posted, the system creates a charge batch under Approve Charge Batches in Membership, which is then posted to charge the member’s account.

Select Membership from the user menu and choose Approve Charge Batches.

A new batch will auto-populate based on the Invoice Batch.  Click to select the batch and choose Post Batch.

This will open the batch for review. Select Post Batch after review is complete.

Best Practices

  • Ensure your reconciliation for your clearing or pass-through reciprocal account is performed timely, to ensure all Member Reciprocal charges have been billed and posted properly.


Q. My reciprocal charge feature is not working!  What do I do?

A. Go to System, System Settings, Accounts Payable tab. Ensure the Reciprocal Member Charges, Charge Item is populated properly.


Downloadable Guide

Billing Reciprocal Charges to Members - Guide