CE Payments - Recognizing Event & Form Payments


This guide will review how to set up the Event and Form payment integration with CMA.


Upon the initial set up, the Clubessential Implementation team will work to set up CMA Items and General Ledger Accounts for Event and Form Payments to ensure a smooth payment transition. An important thing to remember is that these payments received via PayCloud do not automatically flow into CMA. When looking at Event Payments, in order to keep accounts as accurate as possible, the following items will be created:

  • An Item Group called Prepaid Events

  • A new liability account called Prepaid Event Deposits

  • An Item Category called Pre Paid Events

  • An Event Payment Settlement button for the Mobile POS


Recognizing Payments

When an Event or Form payment is made by a Member, the funds can either be recognized immediately or at a later point in time. When recognizing payments at a later point in time, the payments will be pulled through the Point of Sale to finalize the transaction. When recognizing payments immediately, the payments will be pulled through a Payment Batch. There are different steps for whichever method is chosen.

Recognizing Payments at a Later Point in Time

Below are examples of when this method might be used:

  • All Calendar Events

  • Camp Forms

  • Regatta Registration

Configuring Items and Event Details


First, navigate to CMA to create two Event Items; one that is non-prepaid and one that is prepaid.

  1. Create the first Event Item using the appropriate Item Category and Group. This would be a Non-Prepaid Item.

  2. Next, duplicate this Event Item however making this version Prepaid. On the prepaid Item:

    • Retail Price - This price should include tax and service charge

    • Item Category - Select the newly created Category specifically for events; the new Prepaid Events Item Category

    • Tax Inclusive - Check this box to ensure tax is calculated

    • Sales Account - Select the new Event Deposit Liability account


Next will be the process of enabling the billing for the Event on the Website.

  1. Open the Event and navigate to the Billing tab. Checkmark Enable Billing at the top right. Enabling this box opens the Add New Fee Type options where the User can add the Prepaid Item details for this event.

  2. Once the Fee Type has been save, this will now appear under Existing Fee Types on the left. Under Fee Assignment, assign the prepaid Items to each member relationship as needed or select the checkbox to let the member pick which fee.

  3. Switch over to the Payments tab and check Enable Payments to allow members to pay online.

  4. Lastly, navigate to the Registration tab. Under Email Notification, add the Website Administrator email address to ensure notifications are received when a Member registers for the Event. Then click Save Registration Settings.


Managing Incoming Payments

Online Payment Portal

After the Event settings are configured, the Members are now able to make related online payments using the online payment portal. These payments will need to be managed and brought into your Point of Sale up until the day of the Event.

  1. When the Administrator receives the email notification that a payment has been made, sign into PayCloud (Online Payment Portal). Expand the Reports drop down on the left hand menu and click Payment History. Filter this report to view any incoming Member Event payments.

    • Date Range - Set the date range to show payments made when the notification was received

    • Payment Type - Filter the Payment Type to either Event or Form, depending on what the payment is for

    • Status - Confirm payment is Approved or Pending

Point of Sale

The final step to pull in the payment will be creating the tickets within your Mobile POS.

  1. Sign into Mobile POS into the specific Event Area. Select the Events tab from the top menu. Use Date Picker to select the date of the Event and then the Event itself from the drop down list.

  2. Select the registration you received the notification for and then select Create Ticket.

  3. A pop-up window will appear and ask who is paying and who is being paid for.


  4. Once the ticket is open, nothing else needs to be added. Select Pay and then close the ticket using Cash or Check.

Day of Event (or after)

  1. Navigate to the Interactive Reports module of the left hand menu. Search for the Items Purchased by Members Report to get the full number of prepaid Items purchased related to the Event or Form using the following filter selections:

    • Start and End Date - Set the date range for the time period that registration was open

    • Items - Select the Prepaid Liability Account Item

    • Include Tax and Service Charge - Check this box to include Tax and Service Charge

Point of Sale

The next step is to create and close out a ticket for the entire event using Mobile POS.

  1. Sign into Mobile POS.

  2. Select Create Ticket using the Guest Account for the member.

    • Add the number of items sold of the regular non-prepaid items (same amount in the report)

    • Add the negative of the same amount of the liability item (prepaid item)

    • Close the ticket to Cash

    • Ticket will net out to $0.00


Finally, approve the Charge Batch within CMA.

  1. Select the Membership module on the left side menu.

  2. Click Approve Charge Batches.

  3. Double click the GL posting associated with this event to review the details of the payment. Make sure the amount as seen in PayCloud is debiting and crediting the correct amounts. Once verified, click Approve Batch.

Recognizing Payments Immediately

Below are examples of when this method might be used:

  • Member initiation fees

  • Banquet deposits (if not using our Banquets system)

  • Any type of payment that would go on a member or non member account within CMA

Option 1 - Cash Receipt Batch

  1. Sign into CMA.

  2. Select the Membership module on the left hand menu.

  3. Click on Member Payments.

  4. Either use the Quick Add to start new batch or choose an open batch from the payment date.


    1. If using a new batch, choose the Cash Receipt Type. It will most likely be cash unless a special receipt type has been created.


    2. Add the Member Number, the Amount, and adjust from the AR ledger to whichever asset ledger you need the payment to go into

Option 2 - Journal Entry

  1. Sign into CMA.

  2. Click the General Ledger module on the left side menu.

  3. Click Journal Entry Wizard.

  4. Either use the Quick Add to start new batch or choose an open batch from the payment date.

  5. Select the Cash Account for the settlement (ex. 1001 - Operating Cash Account).

  6. Input the Reference, Description, Debit (the amount of the payment), and the Credit (the Liability or Revenue Account). Then, select Preview


  7. After previewing, you can post the batch.