CE Payments - Manually Create Paycloud Interface Link for Payments

This is only for clients who do NOT have Office, but are using CE Payments.


This guide demonstrates the process for a User to configure Interface Links for member PayCloud Payments. This is specific for Clubs that do not utilize Clubessential’s back Office (CMA) platform.


Accessing the Tool

Navigate to the Directory on the Club Website, click the Member’s name to edit their web profile.

On the right hand side of the profile is the Interface Information area. Click Add New Interface Link to begin building the Single Sign-on (SSO) that will link this member directly into PayCloud Payments.

The Add New Interface Link window will appear to configure the settings.

Use the dropdown selector to select Office PayCloud as the System Type. In the User ID field, type in the Member Number of the Primary Member exactly as it appears in the Member ID field. Click Save Link when done.

The result should look like this:

If you need to change the Member Number associated with this member, click the Edit action link to update the Member number.

When creating an Interface Link for Spouse accounts, repeat the same steps. Be sure to use the PRIMARY Member number and do not include any additional relationship codes.