Full Suite - Activities Integration


The Unified Platform allows Clubs to manage their Activities seamlessly across their (back) Office/CMA, Axis-Website, and POS applications; ensuring Administration, Club Staff, and Members have the tools they need to set up, register, and manage activities at the Club (Courts, Lessons, Fitness, Personal Training, Spa, Pool, etc.)

Required Permissions

  • Website Admin

  • POS Access

Activity Registration

Register for Activities As a Member 

  1. Navigate to the area of your Club Website set-up specifically for booking the activity you want to participate in, or reserving the court/fitness room/spot you want to secure. 

  2. Select the Activity you want to book. 

  3. Complete the reservation for the Activity.

Register for Activities as a Club Admin  

  1. Navigate to the Admin Dashboard for the activity that needs to be booked.

  2. Select the Activity to be booked.  

  3. Complete the reservation for the Activity. 

Activity Reservations in Mobile POS

  1. Login to Mobile POS and select the device associated with the area of the activity.

  2. Navigate to the Activities tab.

  3. The date will default to today's date. To select a date other than today, click on the Calendar icon.

  4. Select the appropriate Resource or Activity Reservation option from the dropdown list.

  5. All reservations for the Date and Activity Reservation option will be displayed. Groups of members/guests who share one reservation will appear on the same line.  

Convert Reservations to Member Charges

  1. Click on the desired reservation or click the check mark next to the desired registration and select Create Ticket.

  2. Select who is paying for the ticket. (Only Members will be listed as options.) 

  3. Select who is being paid for. (Both Members and Guests will be listed as options.)

  4. A ticket will be opened where Items can be added as desired and the ticket can be closed based on the Member's payment preference.

Reservation Color Scheme

  • White - A ticket has not yet been created for the reservation.

  • Yellow - At least 1 ticket has been opened for the reservation, but not yet settled.
    Please Note: When some participants have been paid for, the reservation will remain yellow in color but the Paid count will reflect how many participants have settled. 

  • Green - All participants have been paid for and the ticket(s) has been settled.

Re-open a Closed Ticket for an Activity Reservation 

  1. Navigate to the Closed Tickets tab

  2. Select the ticket to be re-opened.  
    Please Note: Re-opening a ticket will change the reservation from green to yellow in color on the Activities Tab indicating that not all participants have been paid for.

  3. Make any needed changes, then Close the ticket.

Delete an Open Ticket for an Activity Reservation

  1. Navigate to the Open Tickets tab.

  2. Select the ticket(s) to be deleted. 
    Please Note: When deleting all open tickets associated with a reservation, the reservation will change from yellow to white in color indicating that no tickets have yet been created for the participants included in the reservation. 

  3. Click the Delete button.

Make Reservations Using the Admin Dashboard

Website Administrators with rights to access the various Activity Admin Dashboards have the ability to access the dashboards from their Mobile POS device. From the Activities tab, select the Activity Reservation option of the dashboard you want to access, then click the Admin Dashboard icon. 

You will be single-signed into that particular Website Activity Admin Dashboard where you can perform all the actions necessary to manage reservations. It will open within a separate tab on your tablet or computer. To navigate back to the POS screen, select the POS tab. 

Best Practices


  1. I’ve already paid out most of the members on the Activity Reservation however they are all still showing under the Who is paying list when I go to create a ticket. Why is this?

    1. All members included on the reservation are always listed as options for Who is paying. This list never changes. However the list of members under Who is being paid for should only reflect unsettled members.