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While reusing Members numbers is not a Clubessential recommended Best Practice, we understand sometimes it’s necessary for a Club to do this. Several steps must be taken in order to reassign a Member number in the Office system and changes must also be made on the Website; if your Club is unified. The following guide details these processes.

Required Permissions

  • Office Permissions to Membership Module

  • Office Permissions to System Settings>Website

  • Website Administrator

Required Steps when Reusing a Member Number

By default, the Office system will not allow an existing Member number to be reassigned. The following steps explain how that process can be manually accomplished. 

  1. After resigning a member in Office, change the old/resigned Member number by placing an X or an R (for Resigned) in front of the Member number.

  2. Changes both the Member Type and the Member Status in the Office record to resigned.

  3. Navigate to the website.

  4. Locate the resigned member in the Inactive section of the Website directory.

  5. Manually change the username to include the X or the R at the beginning of the Member number. This will free up that username.

Once this change has been made to the Resigned Member, assign the new Member this same number in Office.

Deleting Resigned Members from the Website

If the Club uses a Resigned Member Type; there is another method to clear those Resigned Members out of the Website instead of manually updating individual usernames. The Resigned Member Type can be removed from the unification sync. By NOT flagging these types; when a Member is changed to a Resigned Type, the system will push the names of the Resigned Members to an area of the Website called the Delete Queue where Resigned Members can then be fully deleted from the Website. This also frees up the username.

  1. Navigate to System in the top navigation.

  2. Click System Settings.

  3. Click Web Site.

  4. Double-click the Club url link (highlighted in blue)-This will open a new window.

  5. In the Endpoint Editor.

  6. Click the Member Type tab.

  7. Uncheck the Resigned Member Type.

  8. Click Select.

  9. Navigate over to the Website,

  10. Hover over the Admin bar in the top left.

  11. Click Roster Sync in the Interfaces sections.

  12. Click on the member’s name in the Delete Queue.

  13. Click Delete Selected to remove from the website.

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Managing the Delete Queue on the Website

Best Practices

  1. It is not a recommended practice to reuse member numbers in general.

  2. Place an X in FRONT of the original member number so it can be reassigned in Office/CMA

  3. Do not sync the Resigned Member Type in the Unification Settings; so Resigned members can be purged from the website as needed.

  4. IMPORTANT: Many times the Member number is set as the default username for the Member’s Website account. When Member numbers are changed in Office; those changes do NOT push over to update the Username on the Website. This can present a problem if the Resigned Member is still on the Website (even if they are inactive) and then the new Member pushes to the Website. The result is two different Members (one inactive and one active) with the SAME username. This will block the new Member from being able to log in. 


  1. If two members have the same username for the website, will it cause a problem?

    1. Yes, for this reason, clubs that reuse member numbers and designate the Member Number as the Username, the Resigned member must either be deleted from the website or the username must manually be updated to add the “x” to the username.

  2. Do I need to always manage the delete queue to remove these members from the website?

    1. The support team can setup a special function to auto clear the delete queue at the Club’s request, but by default, it must be cleared manually. Please reach out to your Clubessential team to have this function configured.