Roster Sync


Roster Sync is a tool that utilizes the member roster your Club’s accounting software to populate the Online Member Directory.  

Required Permissions

  • Admin

Accessing the Tool

  1. Hover over the Admin bar in the top left.

  2. Click Roster Sync in the Interfaces sections.

Roster Sync Interface

The Additions/Deletions Queue in the Roster Sync Interface is one of the most crucial components of a successful Roster Sync. It is the final confirmation of any member added or removed from the Club Directory. A full understanding of this queue is necessary to ensure a successful sync and the avoiding of members appearing in your Club Directory more than once. The Additions/Deletions Queue must be managed after every sync in order to update the Club Directory.

Delete Queue

If a member is no longer with the Club or is moved to a status type that your Club does not wanting showing up in the Club’s Directory, they will show up in the Deletions Queue for you to confirm their removal from the Club Directory.  

  1. Click on the member’s name.

  2. Determine if the member should be deleted from the website:

    1. Click Delete Selected to remove from the website.

    2. Click Keep Selected to keep the member on the website.

Additions Queue

The Additions queue is used to pull in new members that match the status types you want to show in your Club’s Directory. After a sync is performed, new members that are to be added to the Club Directory will appear in the Additions Queue.

Please note: You will need to confirm every new addition.

  1. Verify that the member should be added to the Club Directory.

  2. Click on the member’s name(s).

  3. Click Confirm Selected to add the member(s) to the Club Directory.


Members may end up in the Additions Queue and the Deletions Queue on the same sync. If a member’s member number has been changed, then the old member number will appear in the Deletions Queue, while the new member number will appear in the Additions Queue. If both member numbers are kept, then there will be a duplicate entry for that member. In order to ensure nothing is lost, the Queue has an option for Matching.

Matching reconciles the differences between the two accounts while deleting the old account and keeping the new account.

  1. Highlight both member accounts in the Delete Queue and the Additions Queue.

  2. Click Match.

Additional Functions

  • Update Status Types - review, or make changes, to the Status Types allowed in the Club Directory.

  • View Logs - provides a log of changes that look place in the Roster Sync Interface.

  • Reset Queues - refreshes the queue to bring in any new member names.

  • Enable Warnings - Enables warning messages associated with deleting accounts.

  • Show Addition Times -

Best Practices

  1. Never make any manual changes to the member’s profile in the website directory without making sure it is also updated in the accounting system.  If a member is allowed to edit portions of their profile and the change isn’t reflected in the member roster in your accounting system, those changes will no longer be in the Club directory.  Since Roster Sync makes the information in your accounting system the information that shows up in the Club directory, you need to make sure that any important information is placed on the member roster in the accounting system. However, members and admins are free to alter the username and password field.

  2.  NEVER MANUALLY ADD A MEMBER TO THE WEBSITE DIRECTORY. Doing so will cause double members to show up and throw off the Roster Sync process.  Please always use the Roster Sync tool to give new members website access.


Q: I performed a Roster Sync, but new members are NOT showing in the Directory. Why?

A: After every Roster Sync, the Additions/Deletions Queue must be managed in order to add or delete members from the online directory. Go to the Additions/Deletions Queue to confirm members that should be added/deleted.


Q: One member is in the Directory twice, how do I remove the one of their accounts?

A: If the member’s number was recently updated, then you will have two accounts on the site at once. In order to consolidate, run a Roster Sync. Next, access the Additions/Deletions Queue. You should see the member in both the Additions/Deletions Queue at the same time (Deletions Queue will have the old member number, while the Additions Queue will have the new member number). Click on both names and then click Match. This will merge the two accounts, while deleting the old account and keeping the new account.