Mobile - Member Welcome Kit

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We are excited to announce that we are launching a new version of our Club’s mobile app to enhance your mobile experience. We’re hoping you’re just as thrilled as we are about the new features this version has to offer.  We can’t wait for you to get started.  Please take a moment and get up to speed on how these app updates will be rolled-out to you and what you can expect once you have them in your hands.  

Required Permissions

  • Member Profile and Log In

How to Get App Updates 

  1. If your mobile device is configured to automatically update your apps, then you will not need to take any action. Your app will automatically update once we make our updates available on the Google Play and App stores. 

  2. If your mobile device is not configured to automatically update your apps, then you will be prompted to apply the app updates via the App Update Available prompt when you attempt to access your Club’s app. Make sure to select Update Now to access all the new features.

  3. If you are not prompted to update your Club’s app, you will need to take steps to manually update it. Your experience will depend on the type and version of your mobile device. To manually update your Club’s app, follow the standard app update procedures for your mobile device.  

  4. After updating your Club’s app, you will be re-asked if you would like to receive push notifications from your Club. Click Allow when you see this Notifications pop-up so that you receive all important club push notifications to your mobile device. 

  5. You will also be re-asked whether you want to allow the Club to access your location. Click Always Allow so that you receive important Club communications to your mobile device while you’re at the Club.

How to Login

The updated app will require you to re-login the first time you attempt to open the app.  Login using your existing Club Login Credentials (Username and Password) just as you did with the previous app. 

  • Username: Club Website Username

  • Password: Club Website Password

Since the upgraded app offers increased security, after logging-in, you will be prompted if you would like to enable biometric authentication. This gives you the ability to use either your Touch ID (fingerprint) or Face ID (facial recognition) instead of your Username and Password on future logins. You will only be prompted with this option if your phone supports biometrics. If you choose to not enable biometrics, then you will continue using your Username and Password for future log-ins just as you did with the previous app. Read here for more information on logging in and permissions.

New Features With The Upgrade

A New Personalized Home Screen 

  1. After logging-in to your Club’s upgraded app, you will immediately be taken to a new personalized Home page where you will see up to three of your upcoming reservations with the option to edit any of these reservations. 

  2. The next section of your Home screen will display Upcoming Events happening at your Club. Swipe left to scroll through all upcoming Events, which will be presented in chronological order. Click on any of these Events to access the Event Details or register for an Event.  

  3. The Quick Action tile replaces the large tiles you previously saw on your old app’s Home page. Clicking on the Quick Action tile will give you the same menu options you previously had from your former homepage.

  4. The Account tile is where you can manage your profile and individual app settings.

  5. The Menu tile brings up your Side Navigation Menu displaying all additional navigation items available.

  6. The Directory tile is where you can quickly access both the Member Directory and Staff Directory. From here you can access the brand new Buddies List feature. You now have the ability to create and manage your own Buddy Lists. The Directory also gives you the ability to maintain your own Guests list.

For more detailed information on the new Member Home Screen, please read our Member Home Screen Guide.


A New Tee Sheet Experience 

Your Tee Time booking experience has been completely redesigned.  The Tee Sheet will automatically show you Tee Times per the current date and time you access the Tee Sheet so you will no longer have to scroll through Tee Times that have already passed.  You can quickly navigate to see Tee Times over the next few days or click the Calendar icon to select a date from the Calendar just as you previously did. You also have a new Filter option that can be used to search for specific windows of time, a specific course, or maybe an available group to join. Narrowing in on a certain time of day is as simple as dragging the ends of the Time of Day filter.

  1. Clicking the Book button will open the new Tee Time Details booking window. You will choose your Round, Number of Players and you will automatically be added as Player 1. To add additional players, click Select Player.

  2. You will be taken to a modified version of the Directory where you can choose from my Buddies, the Member Directory, my Guests or indicate that you Need Player. Having pre-defined Buddies and Guests makes adding them to your reservation a breeze.

    1. To add Buddies, navigate to the Buddies tab, expand the Buddy List that you want to use, and tap Select next to the Buddies you want to add to your Tee Time. Once all players for the Tee Time have been added, you will immediately be taken back to the Tee Time Details booking window where you will complete your reservation by clicking Make a Tee Time.

  3. You will then be taken to the Tee Time Details confirmation window where you can review your Tee Time information for accuracy and add your Tee Time to your personal calendar.

  4. Clicking Close on the Tee Time Details confirmation window will return you to the Tee Sheet where you can see your booked Tee Time.

  5. Clicking View Reservations from the Tee Time Details confirmation window will display your All Reservations screen where you can see your newly booked Tee Time added to your reservation list. Remember, you will also be able to see your new Tee Time Reservation from your Home screen where all your reservations can be viewed.

  6. If you need to make any changes to a Tee Time reservation, clicking Edit next to the Reservation will open the Tee Time Details booking window.

  7. Clicking Edit on the Tee Time Details will allow you to modify your Tee Time or cancel it all together. 





Best Practices

  1. If you do not have your mobile device configured to apply app updates automatically, then you will need to manually update your Club’s app on your mobile device.  To do this, follow the standard app update procedures for your type of mobile device. 

  2. Since we plan to make new app updates continuously available to you, we highly recommend that you configure your mobile device to apply app updates automatically so that you don’t miss out on new features and capabilities. For example, we plan on adding the ability for you to personalize your Quick Action menu items.  If you’re not a golfer, you will have the ability to remove “Book a Tee Time” from your Quick Action menu. 

  3. Another app update that is underway is making your Dining, Courts, and Lesson reservation experience to be consistent with the new Tee Time Booking experience so that reservations function the same across the app.  These reservation enhancements will be rolled out in the near future. Until then, your booking experience for Dining, Courts and Lessons will remain the same as in the previous app.