Full Suite - Website Groups Integration

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Clubs who have an existing Clubessential website and integrate a new CMA/Office System, will need to review existing Dynamic Groups on the website once Unification is complete. Changes to the naming convention of Member Types in Office can/will affect existing Dynamic Web groups that use the Member Type as a filter.

Required Permissions

  • Website Administrator

Dynamic Groups Created in the Website

  1. Login to the website as an Administrator.

  2. Navigate to the Admin tab.

  3. Under Users/Profiles, click Dynamic Groups.

  4. Click the Group Explorer tab, review existing Dynamic Group list

  5. To review the rules applied to a group, click the name of the group to select, drag group to the middle of the screen.

  6. If the Member Type Filter is applied, review the Member Types in the Selection box. Any changes in the naming of the Member Types from the previous accounting system (upper case, lowercase, abbreviations), can affect which Member Types are selected. Ensure the Member Types currently being sync from Office are the ones selection for the Group.

Additional Resources

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Best Practices

  1. Review existing Dynamic Web groups when Unification has been completed between a NEW Office System and an Existing Website.

  2. Many Clubs choose to delete/replace existing Dynamic Groups built on the website, with newly created groups in Office that can be synced to the website


  1. Do Groups built on the Website sync back to Office?

    1. No, the sync only works in the reverse; from Office to Website.

  2. Can a small change in the name of a Member Type, such as it appearing in all CAPS vs. Proper Case affect an Existing Dynamic Group?

    1. Yes! When moving from a previous accounting system to Office, that synced Member Type data to the website, ANY changes to the format of the Member Type name can affect Existing Dynamic Groups.


  • Office Member Type Sync to Website in which member types have changed

Dynamic Groups can be affected by the member sync from Office to the Website after a club has been unified. This group will need to be reviewed to ensure the proper member types are being selected in the dynamic group filter.

To do this, access Dynamic Groups.

Open the Group Explorer.

Drag the Member Type Group to the center of the Dynamic Groups screen.

Review the member types listed. Any change in the member types, even if the old type was in UPPER CASE and the new type has the same name, but appears in mixed case; it must still be updated. Ie. GOLF vs. Golf