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Mobile Ordering is an easy way to place food orders right from your Club’s Mobile App for pick-up or delivery (optional) at Club locations. Browse restaurant menus, customize orders, and more with this on the go ordering feature!

Required Permissions

  • Member Profile and Login

Mobile Ordering on the App

  1. From the Clubessential App, click Order Food from the main navigation window, or click Menu, and choose Order Food.

  2. Choose from various menus/locations to order from at your Club’s restaurant(s).    

Placing an Order

  1. From the Main Screen, select the menu/location you wish to order from, whereupon you will be taken to the Menu selected.  

  2. Top level Menu Categories will appear for selection. Tap the top level menu category to see a list of Items contained within the category.  

  3. Once an Item is selected, modifier options associated with the Item will prompt for your selection to customize your dish (i.e. - cooking temperature, sides, etc).  

  4. Once selections are made, and additional special instructions are added (if required), click Add to Cart.

  5. Once clicked, you will receive confirmation that Item was added to cart, and the screen will then return to the main menu for additional selections.  Note that the number of items currently in the cart will will display in the upper-right hand corner.

  6. When all Items have been selected, tap either the Cart icon, or the View Cart button at the bottom to review the order details and finalize the order.    

Checking Out

  1. Once the Cart Icon, or View Cart button has been selected, the your Cart will load for review and finalization.  

  2. Tap on the Quantity box to edit quantity of items ordered.  

  3. Tap Delete to eliminate an item from the order or Edit to adjust the modifiers on your order.

  4. When the order is proper, tap Checkout to continue finalizing your order.

  5. The Checkout screen will load with the options below.

    • Order Preferences: Choose whether you would like your order for Pickup or Delivery.

    • Message: Add a general message to a Mobile Order on the checkout screen.

    • Cover (Number of People Served): Add a cover count to their Mobile Order and enter how many individuals your order will serve. 

    • Notifications: Select how you would like to be notified when your order is ready.  You may choose not to receive a notification (None), to receive an SMS (Text Message), or an Email notification. Contact information will automatically populate into these fields, however, may be edited if desired by tapping on the information to edit.  When finished, select Place Order.

  6. Confirmation on the ordering screen will appear.  Additionally, you will receive a notification that the order has been received.  Click Place another order if desired.

Best Practices