Mobile App (06.07.21) Release



  • Tee Sheet Daily Notes: The tee sheet will now display daily notes at the top of the screen for any days that have daily notes

  • Tee Times player selection screen: Improved the member search to allow multi-word lookups (i.e. First and Last name instead of just one or the other) and increased the number of results that return from 10 to 25

  • Added support for the "Send notifications to other parties at the same tee off?" setting, which will notify all members that have a tee time at the same time when another booking is made

  • Updates to dates throughout the app, for consistent formatting

  • General performance improvements



Other Features/Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues in the Court Utilization Report that resulted in improper filtering of data

  • Fixed an issue with recurring court lessons that prevented booking in certain situations

  • Fixed an issue that prevented admins from overriding TBDs when editing lottery requests

  • Fixed an issue with the Directory view plugin that prevented the enter key from being used to execute a search

  • Fixed an issue with the tee times event waitlist tab that resulted in the interface changing tabs when sorting

  • Fixed an issue with article download formatting

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a webpage error when attempting to copy a CRM campaign in certain circumstances

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